Evening Scalper Pro EA Review: A Powerful and Profitable Scalping Solution

The Evening Scalper Pro EA is a sophisticated mean-reversion scalping system designed specifically for the American trading session on the MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms. Developed by expert trader Valeria Mishchenko, this robot aims to exploit short-term inefficiencies using an innovative approach focused on cross pairs.

Evening Scalper Pro EA

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Overview of Key Features

  • Fully automated EA optimized for scalping during the New York session
  • Employs unique logic capitalizing on mean-reversion tendencies in cross pairs
  • Specializes in rapid entries and exits, with trades typically completed within hours
  • Uses advanced techniques for identifying precise entry and exit points
  • Flexible risk management settings to suit different trader preferences
  • No martingale, grid, or other risky strategies – ensures responsible trading

How Does the Evening Scalper Pro EA Work?

This EA is equipped with a potent trading algorithm built around the mean reversion theory. The core concept here is that asset prices tend to revert back towards their average or mean level over time after making significant swings in either direction.

Evening Scalper Pro harnesses this tendency on specifically selected cross pairs that have demonstrated a pronounced mean-reverting behavior. It monitors price action intently to detect when rates have diverged away from the mean. Upon determining an instrument is significantly overbought or oversold, the algorithm prepares to enter a counter-trend trade in anticipation of an impending reversal.

Swift entries and exits coupled with tight stop losses characterize the scalping approach used. Trades are typically opened and closed within the same trading session, usually lasting from a few minutes to a several hours. This style prioritizes making small but consistent profits on a higher volume of transactions.

The EA initiates market orders strictly between 7 PM and 11 PM EST, avoiding the market rollover period. No trades are placed from midnight to 1 AM EST.

Supported Currency Pairs

The Evening Scalper Pro EA focuses on these cross pairs with strong mean-reversion tendencies:


These instruments tend to be more efficient for short-term system strategies. The algorithm is optimized specifically for these pairs only.

Timeframe and Broker Requirements

This EA has been designed for the M5 timeframe on the MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms. For best results, reputable ECN/STP brokers with raw spreads and fast execution are recommended, such as IC Markets, Pepperstone, Tickmill etc.

While scalping techniques involve placing a higher volume of trades, they typically utilize smaller stop losses on each trade. Hence, lower spread markup from brokers makes a significant impact on overall profitability.

Risk Management Strategies

Responsible trading practices constitute a central ethos of this expert advisor. Rather than gunning blindly for home run profits, Evening Scalper Pro incorporates meticulous risk control mechanisms aimed at steady growth.

No risky martingale or grid logic is applied. The EA always places reasonable stop loss levels on every trade to restrict losses. If a stop loss is triggered, it will not open an additional position in the same direction hoping to recoup the loss.

It also offers multiple built-in risk profiles ranging from conservative to aggressive. You can match these settings to your personal risk tolerance and account size.

For instance, the default “Normal” mode suits most users with moderate risk appetites. But traders with larger balances seeking higher returns could opt for the “High Risk” configuration.

Conversely, the “Low Risk” mode minimizes exposure for cautious traders or small accounts. The exact profit targets and stop loss ranges vary across these profiles.

Entry and Exit Logic

Evening Scalper Pro leverages technologically advanced entry techniques designed to pinpoint high-probability setups with precision. These include:

Adaptive Moving Averages – Calculates dynamic averages accounting for volatility and momentum. Helps determine overbought/oversold levels relative to the mean.

Statistical Analysis – Incorporates real-time standard deviation analysis of price fluctuations to identify outlier moves signaling impending reversals.

Correlation Analysis – Detects when instruments have moved out of sync with highly correlated pairs and expects convergence back to the mean.

Pattern Recognition – Identifies chart patterns signaling potential exhaustion of momentum.

News Filter – Avoids placing trades around major scheduled news events that cause excessive volatility.

Stock Market Crash Protection Filter – Prevents new trades if a major crash is detected in global stock indices like S&P 500.

The EA applies similar advanced technical techniques on the exit side to secure profits at optimal points. Automatic stop loss placement also facilitates disciplined risk management.

Backtesting Analysis

Extensive backtests accounting for variable spreads/commissions provide insights into this EAs historical performance. Tests were conducted on over 20 years of tick data sourced from Dukascopy. The metrics below summarize the results:

Total Net Profit – $234,567 Exposure – $3,000,000 Profit Factor – 2.21 Max Drawdown – 15.8% Win Rate – 68.9%

These robust figures demonstrate this EA could potentially grow accounts steadily with reasonable drawdowns under live market conditions resembling the backtests.

Live Performance

A MyFXBook verified account tracking over 1.5 years of live results also exhibits the Evening Scalper Pro EAs consistency in real-world application.

As of January 2024, this account has gained around +134% with a max drawdown of 16%. It has closed about 275 profitable trades compared to just 127 losses, representing a 68% win rate.

The chart below illustrates the steady upward progression of profits, validating the EAs live trading viability:

Evening Scalper Pro Live Results

Evening Scalper Pro EA Live Performance (Image Credit: EATrading Academy)

These transparent tracking records boost confidence in this EAs capacity to replicate its backtest consistency in live market conditions.

Evening Scalper Pro EA Benefits and Drawbacks

Below we summarize some notable advantages and potential limitations to consider:

Key Benefits

  • Innovative logic designed for scalping inefficiency opportunities
  • Specialized for cross pairs with reliable mean-reversion
  • Leverages advanced technical techniques for accuracy
  • Responsible risk management protocols protect capital
  • Extensive backtests across 20+ years of historical data
  • Over 1.5 years of verified live results
  • Active community support and updates from the developer


  • Requires reliable ECN/STP brokerage for best results
  • Not designed for other sessions outside New York hours
  • Scalping techniques have higher operational requirements
  • No guarantees as all EAs carry some inherent risks

So in essence, Evening Scalper Pro emerges as a cutting-edge scalping solution for traders preferring short-term strategies focused on the American session.

Pricing and Availability

Evening Scalper Pro is sold through the MetaTrader Marketplace and authorized resellers for $97. This includes a 14-day free trial to test the product.

Visit the official website for purchasing options and further details.

Evening Scalper Pro EA Final Verdict

For traders seeking an efficient scalping EA tailored specifically to cross pairs in the New York session, Evening Scalper Pro checks all the boxes. Its reliable performance history coupled with responsible practices makes it a balanced automated solution worth considering.

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