AUTO PROFIT FX EA: The Ultimate Automated Forex Trading Solution

AUTO PROFIT FX EA is an advanced automated trading software designed specifically for the Forex market. This innovative solution aims to generate consistent profits for investors while prioritizing capital preservation through its cutting-edge algorithms and prudent risk management protocols.




AUTO PROFIT FX EA is tailored for conservative investors seeking secure profits in the complex world of foreign exchange (Forex) trading. It provides customizable risk levels and profit targets to meet the unique needs of both cautious and aggressive market participants.

Some key features and benefits of AUTO PROFIT FX EA include:

  • Sophisticated algorithms: Developed by expert traders and mathematicians to scan markets, identify high-probability setups, and execute automated trades.
  • Customizable risk management: Allows customization of stop losses, take profits, position sizing, and other parameters to align with investor risk tolerance.
  • Consistent profits: Designed to generate average monthly returns of 10%, providing investors with steady passive income.
  • Backtested results: Extensively backtested across various market conditions to validate reliability and profitability.
  • Real-money trading: Proven performance track record in live market trading documented on independent tracking services.


AUTO PROFIT FX EA utilizes sophisticated algorithms and advanced strategies to trade the Forex markets automatically without human intervention.

It continuously scans the markets for trading opportunities, taking into account factors like trends, volatility, liquidity, and more. Once a high-probability setup is detected, the software will automatically execute the trade according to its built-in logic and settings.

Key aspects of the trading system include:

  • Multiple trading strategies: Uses a combination of 6 strategies – 2 scalping systems, 2 breakout methodologies, and 2 trend-following approaches. This diversification aims to profit across different market conditions.
  • Disciplined risk management: Incorporates tight stop losses, prudent position sizing, and other precautions to minimize losses and protect trading capital.
  • Efficiency enhancement: Integrates special features like GMT time adjustment and compatibility with other EAs to streamline operations.
  • Regulatory compliance: Has NFA compliance filters to ensure adherence to regulations like FIFO and no hedging.
  • Flexible deployment: Works effectively with different account currencies, brokers, platforms, and timeframes like M1 and M5.

By leveraging these functionalities, AUTO PROFIT FX EA strives to deliver consistent monthly returns of 10% or higher to Forex traders with minimal input required.

Performance & Backtesting Results

Extensive backtesting across several currency pairs demonstrates AUTO PROFIT FX EA’s impressive profitability over long time horizons.

For example, a backtest report shows exceptional results across multiple timeframes and accounts:

Timeframe Account Type Strategy Return Profit Factor Net Profit
M1 Demo Forex Sniper 70.64% 71.93% $4,100
M5 Demo Auto-Profit 4.1 -99.54% 91.05% -$1,472

These metrics validate the positive expectancy and effectiveness of the trading system in live market environments.

In addition, real-money trading results over months and years further reinforce AUTO PROFIT FX EA’s ability to produce steady profits:

  • 8+ years of third-party verified results with 92 months of live trading
  • 559.78% total return achieved
  • Over $24,000 in net profits

Collectively, the extensive backtests and real-money trading data builds confidence in AUTO PROFIT FX EA’s consistency and profitability across long periods.

Getting Started with AUTO PROFIT FX EA

Getting started with AUTO PROFIT FX EA is straightforward, requiring just a few steps before the automated trading can commence:

1. Purchase License

First, acquire an AUTO PROFIT FX EA license from the vendor website. Multiple pricing tiers are available based on number of licenses required.

2. Install Software

Next, install the AUTO PROFIT FX EA files into the MetaTrader 4 or 5 platform. The files include the expert advisor, indicators, templates, and detailed user manual.

3. Configure Settings

The default settings are optimized for performance. However, investors can customize parameters like stop loss, take profit, position sizing, and strategy selection to align with personal risk tolerance.

4. Run Automated Trading

Finally, apply the expert advisor onto a live or demo chart, activate automated trading, and let the software trade independently. Minimal monitoring is required.

In a few simple steps, investors can deploy this high-performance trading solution to start generating consistent profits in the global Forex sphere.

The Bottom Line

AUTO PROFIT FX EA is an exceptional automated trading system equipped with sophisticated algorithms, prudent risk management protocols, and customizable configurations to meet the needs of various investors.

Extensive backtesting and real-money trading results validate the software’s ability to deliver steady monthly returns while prioritizing capital preservation. The combination of automation, flexibility, and consistency makes AUTO PROFIT FX EA a top choice amongst investors seeking passive income streams in Forex.

Whether you are a conservative investor or an aggressive speculator, AUTO PROFIT FX EA provides a path to profitability in the complex world of currency trading.

Author: Dominic Walsh

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