Monarchal Algo EA Review – An Innovative Automated Trading Solution

The Monarchal Algo EA is an expert advisor designed for the MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms to assist traders in executing automated trading strategies. As an innovative automated solution, it aims to enhance the trading experience through advanced algorithms and money management techniques with a focus on risk mitigation and profit maximization.

Monarchal Algo EA

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Key Features

Some of the standout features of the Monarchal Algo EA include:

  • Full Automation – The software handles every aspect of trading automatically once configured, from analysis to execution. This saves traders time and effort.
  • Averaging and Hedging – Incorporates averaging and hedging capabilities to execute strategies like a professional trader. This contributes to risk management.
  • Advanced Money Management – Uses innovative money management methods to protect capital while maximizing profit potential. This is a major highlight.
  • Multiple Assets – Can trade a wide range of forex currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, and indices. This allows for portfolio diversification.
  • Customizable Settings – Provides flexible configuration options to customize the EA according to individual trading styles and requirements.
  • User-Friendly – Easy to set up and use even for novice traders through its intuitive interface. Detailed documentation and support is also provided.

Performance Metrics

The vendor and community feedback suggests some impressive metrics for the Monarchal Algo EA:

  • 100,000+ Trades Executed – Signifies extensive trading history across various market conditions. However, quality of trades also matters along with quantity.
  • 65-85% Win Rate – Consistent high winning percentage indicates good performance. But win rate alone doesn’t guarantee profitability. Risk management plays a key role.
  • 1-5% Daily Returns – Return figures are a key indicator of profitability. However, drawdowns and risk parameters provide more context around sustainability.
  • Drawdown Under 30% – Low historical drawdown implies effective capital protection. But drawdown can vary across different assets and market regimes.

While these metrics point to a potentially profitable EA, live forward testing is advised to verify performance for individual trading conditions.


The Monarchal Algo EA incorporates several technical features:

  • Trend Analysis – Identifies trends across multiple timeframes to time entries and exits. Uses price action principles and technical indicators.
  • Algorithmic Trading – Executes trades automatically based on proprietary algorithms for entries, exits and trade management.
  • Machine Learning – Continuously improves algorithms by learning from past data. Helps adapt to evolving markets.
  • Cloud Computing – Leverages cloud-based processing power for faster and more efficient analysis and execution.
  • Big Data – Processes large historical datasets across various assets and periods to power its algorithms.


The Monarchal Algo EA is designed to cater to a range of traders:

  • Beginners – The automated nature and ease of use makes it suitable for novice traders. Requires no coding or advanced skills.
  • Experts – Customization options allow experienced traders to incorporate their own strategies. Complements human expertise.
  • Passive Income – Fully automated functioning enables hands-free trading. Potential for steady income stream with minimal effort.
  • Portfolio Diversification – Multi-asset support facilitates diversity across various uncorrelated instruments. Contributes to risk management.

Monarchal Algo EA Pricing

The Monarchal Algo EA is available under a few licensing options:

  • Monthly Subscription – $99 per month with unlimited use. Suitable for trying before longer commitment.
  • Annual License – $699 per year comes down to $58 per month. Cost effective for regular usage.
  • Lifetime License – $999 one-time fee gives unlimited lifetime usage. Best value for long term access.

Monarchal Algo EA Support

Comprehensive customer support resources are provided:

  • Knowledge Base – Detailed tutorials, documentation, FAQs and troubleshooting guides provided.
  • Forum – Active community forum to exchange ideas and get queries answered by users and vendor representatives.
  • Ticket Support – Direct email support for technical, account and payment related issues.
  • Remote Assistance – TeamViewer based remote support for personalized configuration and troubleshooting.

Monarchal Algo EA Conclusion

The Monarchal Algo EA for MT4 brings together automation, advanced strategies and intelligent money management in an innovative package. With algorithmic trading, machine learning and cloud computing at its core, it has the potential to make trading simpler and take performance to the next level.

However, as with any EA, conducting proper backtesting and validation is key before committing capital. While the metrics and features seem promising for both new and experienced traders, real-world application may vary across individual skillsets, goals and market conditions. So trader discretion is still essential for long-term success.

Overall, for traders seeking the efficiency of automation powered by cutting-edge technology, Monarchal Algo EA presents itself as an compelling option worth exploring.

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