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For forex traders sick of staring at charts and manually chasing pips, TRADE BOOSTER Premium EA promises a reliable, automated solution to generate consistent profits. This cutting-edge trading robot aims to transform your trading by automating technical analysis and execution.


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But does this EA live up to its bold claims? Let’s dive into an in-depth TRADE BOOSTER Premium EA review covering its features, efficacy, pricing, and more.

Overview of TRADE BOOSTER Premium EA

TRADE BOOSTER Premium EA is an expert advisor designed specifically for the popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) forex trading platform. It aims to remove the manual effort involved in trading by automatically executing technical analysis and identifying trading opportunities based on its built-in logic.

Some key features of TRADE BOOSTER Premium EA include:

  • Advanced algorithms: Uses proprietary algorithms to scan the markets for high-probability setups based on combinations of indicators like strength, trend direction, momentum, support/resistance, etc.
  • Flexible parameters: Allows customization of key settings like currency pairs, time frames, stop loss, take profit, trading sessions, etc. as per your trading plan.
  • Risk management: Incorporates prudent risk management features like per-pair profit targets and maximum loss amounts to preserve capital.
  • Efficiency: Trades directly from the MT4 charts without needing external DLLs or cluttering up your workspace.

The vendor website claims that TRADE BOOSTER Premium EA can generate 400 to 500 pips of profit per week on average. However, past results do not guarantee future performance.

How TRADE BOOSTER Premium EA Works

TRADE BOOSTER Premium EA uses a multi-step technical analysis process across different time frames to identify high-probability setups. The key aspects are:

  • Strength Analysis: Analyzes the relative strength of different currency pairs to determine the strongest and weakest ones.
  • Support/Resistance: Checks for potential areas of support and resistance using pivot points and previous price action.
  • Trend Confirmation: Uses moving averages and price action to confirm the predominant trend direction.
  • Momentum: Seeks additional confirmation from indicators like the RSI to gauge market momentum.
  • Entry Trigger: Initiates a long or short trade when all analysis aligns in the same direction.
  • Trade Management: Uses take profit, stop loss, and trailing stop levels to lock in profits and limit losses per trade.

By combining indicators across multiple time frames, TRADE BOOSTER Premium EA aims to accurately determine high-probability setups and capture profits.

Customization Options & Parameters

TRADE BOOSTER Premium EA comes equipped with over 25 customizable input parameters. Traders can fine-tune these settings in line with their risk appetite, account size, market conditions, and specific trading style.

Some key parameters that can be configured include:

Currency Pairs: Select specific currency pairs like EUR/USD, GBP/JPY etc. or trade all majors.

Timeframes: Optimize for shorter time frames like M5 and M15 or longer ones like H1 and H4.

Trading Sessions: Set specific hour blocks per day or days of the week when the EA can trade.

Profit & Loss: Define per-pair profit targets and maximum loss amounts for prudent risk management.

Position Sizing: Auto-calculate lot sizes based on percentage of account balance.

The ability to customize these parameters gives traders the flexibility to optimize TRADE BOOSTER Premium EA as per their specific trading requirements.

Backtesting Results & Historical Performance

According to the vendor’s website, extensive backtesting in MetaTrader 4 Strategy Tester using historical tick data shows that:

  • TRADE BOOSTER Premium EA v1.0 generated 2 to 5 trades per month historically with decent profitability.
  • The latest TRADE BOOSTER Premium EA v2.2 executes 400 to 500 pips profit per week on average based on backtests.

However, it’s important to note that simulated historical results do not always translate accurately to live trading environments due to changing market dynamics. Many factors can affect actual results.

Some verified MyFXBook accounts show that TRADE BOOSTER Premium EA can generate a monthly return between 5% and 15% when traded prudently. Conservative risk management is key for sustainability.

Pricing & Availability

TRADE BOOSTER Premium EA is sold exclusively through the vendor’s website for a price of $1000 per license.

One license allows installing and using TRADE BOOSTER Premium EA on one live MT4 account. The one-time fee includes lifetime expert advisor updates and dedicated customer support.

Free trials of TRADE BOOSTER Premium EA are not available. However, traders can backtest the EA thoroughly with virtual funds in MT4 demo accounts before purchasing.

Pros & Cons

Here are some key advantages and limitations to consider about TRADE BOOSTER Premium EA:


  • Automates technical analysis and trading
  • Flexible customization options
  • Can be profitable if traded sensibly
  • Good risk management features
  • Dedicated customer support


  • No free trial available
  • Backtests not fully representative
  • Not meant for passive “set and forget” trading
  • Requires periodic monitoring and optimization

As with any automated trading system, prudent risk management, robust testing, and responsible practices are vital for long-term success.

TRADE BOOSTER Premium EA Final Verdict

For traders looking to enhance their trading consistency using automated software tools, TRADE BOOSTER Premium EA presents a compelling option.

Its proprietary algorithms, real-time market analysis, and customization flexibility allow traders to automate technical strategies that may be profitable when traded judiciously.

However, as expected with any EA, traders should have realistic expectations in line with market realities. As the disclaimer suggests, past simulated backtests should not be considered a guarantee for identical live results.

On the whole, TRADE BOOSTER Premium EA scores high marks for its innovation, transparency, and dedication to trader education and support. For serious traders willing to put in the requisite work of robust backtesting, optimization, and risk management, integrating this EA into a prudent trading approach could yield favorable results.

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