The AF Supply and Demand 2.0 V5 EA: A Comprehensive Review

The AF Supply and Demand 2.0 V5 EA is an expert advisor (EA) for the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform that focuses on identifying and trading institutional supply and demand zones in the forex and other financial markets. This fully automated trading robot aims to provide high-probability trades with strong risk management.


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AF SUPPLY AND DEMAND 2.0 V5 EA Overview and Features

The core strategy of the AF Supply and Demand 2.0 V5 EA revolves around trading supply and demand imbalances. As described by the vendor Connect My Currency, it “trades high probability institutional supply and demand zones with pinpoint accuracy while 100% focused on low drawdown and incredible risk management.”

Key features include:

  • Fully automated trading 24/7
  • Works across all MT4 timeframes and assets
  • Implements stop loss and take profit for each trade
  • Avoids risky martingale and grid strategies
  • Suitable for personal trading, FTMO, and prop firms
  • Claimed 90%+ win rate with a low 10-30 pip drawdown

The EA incorporates helpful visual tools that indicate fresh, untested supply and demand zones on the chart. It also draws trend lines and channels to showcase the major trend direction prior to placing trades.

Performance Metrics and Results

In promotional materials and client testimonials, the vendor cites impressive metrics for the AF Supply and Demand 2.0 V5 EA:

  • Profit potential of 20-50%+ per month
  • Drawdown ranging from 0.1% to 3%
  • Win rate consistently over 90%

The vendor and clients also showcase accounts successfully passing FTMO and prop firm challenges with the EA. Some examples:

FTMO challenge results

AF Supply and Demand EA passing FTMO challenge, Source: Forex Station

However, it is important to note that past results do not guarantee future performance. As with any EA, conducting proper backtesting and demo testing across different market conditions is advised.

Ease of Use

The vendor emphasizes the AF Supply and Demand 2.0 V5 EA as an “easy to use” automated trading solution even for beginners, with the ability to trade up to 40 assets at once across multiple timeframes.

Once installed on MT4, the EA runs independently without needing manual intervention. It automatically places and manages trades based on its supply and demand strategy.

Users still need to optimize inputs and settings to fit their account size, risk tolerance, and target assets & timeframes. Understanding the logic behind the EA is also recommended to use it effectively.

Pricing and Purchase Options

The vendor offers the AF Supply and Demand 2.0 V5 EA through its website Connect My Currency, with a few purchase options:

  • Standard License: $497 one-time fee
  • Bundles: Starting from $997 with additional indicators and tools
  • Ultimate Bundle: $1797 for maximum features

Each license option comes with lifetime usage rights, free updates, and support resources like videos and chat rooms. There is also a 365-day money back guarantee advertised.

Compared to the $1999 MSRP listed on some third-party vendor sites like Forex EA Store, Connect My Currency offers more reasonable pricing directly from the developer.

Developer Reputation and Reviews

The AF Supply and Demand 2.0 V5 EA was created by trading educator Ewan Capital, founder of Connect My Currency. He demonstrates the EA in action through YouTube videos and channel updates.

Overall, client reviews praise the EA’s profitability and effectiveness for FTMO accounts in particular. Many reviewers claim to achieve the advertised 90%+ win rate and low drawdown when following usage guidance. Any issues faced seem to be resolved with optimal settings or user errors.

However, a few neutral reviewers point out that results can vary across different accounts, assets, and market conditions. There is also an element of risk in using any automated trading system without proper precautions.


In summary, the AF Supply and Demand 2.0 V5 EA is a robust automated trading solution specialized for supply and demand imbalances across MT4. Developed by the reputable trading educator Ewan Capital, it has received overwhelmingly positive feedback especially for FTMO and prop firm trading.

The EA seems to offer reliable performance metrics of 90%+ win rate and low drawdown when used properly. The hands-free automated approach can benefit both novice and experienced retail traders. However, conducting due backtesting and demo testing based on personal risk tolerance is still advised before using the EA with real capital.

For traders specifically seeking an automated supply and demand trading approach compatible with FTMO or prop firms, the AF Supply and Demand 2.0 V5 EA is a top contender worth evaluating. The active user community and developer support also add confidence in the software’s quality and longevity.

Author: Dominic Walsh

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