Firestorm Prop Firm Scalper V5 EA – A Powerful Automated Trading Tool

The Firestorm Prop Firm Scalper V5 EA (Expert Advisor) is an advanced automated trading system designed to execute highly profitable trades automatically. This incredible EA enables traders to leverage the power of algorithms and technology to dominate the markets and generate substantial profits.

Firestorm Prop Firm Scalper V5 EA

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Firestorm Prop Firm Scalper V5 EA Overview and Key Features

The Firestorm Prop Firm Scalper V5 EA runs optimally on the XAUUSD currency pair (Gold), analyzing the price charts to identify key support and resistance levels. It then opens and manages trades automatically based on the direction of the overall market trend.

Flexible Settings

One of the biggest advantages of this expert advisor is its flexible settings, allowing traders to customize it to their preferences and trading style. You can choose to use a fixed trade size or increase the size at every step using a martingale approach. An equity protector feature is also available to stop trading when a predefined equity level is reached.

Set Files Included

The EA comes with ready-made set files so even beginner traders can quickly set it up and allow the algorithm to execute trades automatically. The minimum account balance required is only $100 for cent accounts.

Multiple Account Compatibility

It works seamlessly with both regular and cent accounts across all major brokers. Many users leverage Firestorm Prop Firm Scalper V5 EA successfully on funded accounts to pass profit target challenges.

Seamless MT4 Integration

As one of the most popular trading platforms worldwide, MetaTrader 4 offers the reliability and technical capabilities to unleash the full potential of automated trading systems like this EA.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The algorithms powering the Firestorm Prop Firm Scalper V5 EA utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze charts and identify highly profitable trades. The logic is constantly updated to adapt to evolving market conditions.

Powerful Risk Management

With features like hard stop losses, equity protection, and news trading filters, this expert advisor effectively minimizes risk while aiming to maximize returns. The flexible settings allow traders to find the right balance for their risk appetite.

24/7 Automated Trading

You can schedule the EA to run automatically 24/5, with specific take profit and stop loss levels applied to each trade. This eliminates the need for constant manual oversight.

Firestorm Prop Firm Scalper V5 EA Performance & Returns

Extensive backtesting and live performance metrics clearly demonstrate the incredible profit potential of the Firestorm Prop Firm Scalper V5 EA.

Superb Win Rates

It achieves win rates exceeding 80% over thousands of trades, leading to extremely favorable risk-reward ratios. This consistency separates it from most manual trading strategies.

50% Monthly Gains

On optimized settings, it can realistically target over 50% in capital growth per month. As the account balance grows, so do the absolute profits.

Low Drawdowns

The advanced risk management protocols built into the algorithm’s logic allow it to minimize drawdowns even during periods of market volatility.

Verified Track Record

Third-party monitoring on MyFxBook reveals the astounding returns over an extended period. It has turned an initial $500 investment into over $15,000 in less than a year of automated trading.

The combination of high margins and compounding makes this EA an extremely lucrative solution for prop firm traders looking to consistently pass combine challenges.

Ease of Use

Despite its technological sophistication, this expert advisor is surprisingly simple to set up and use for traders at any skill level.

Quick Installation

You just need to drag and drop the EA file onto your MetaTrader 4 platform chart, enter your license key, and configure the basic settings according to the detailed instructions provided. The entire process takes less than 5 minutes.

Intuitive Parameters

All key settings like trade size, take profit, stop loss, position averaging, and scheduling are easily adjustable via the inputs tab on the EA properties window. Each parameter is clearly defined in plain language.

Comprehensive User Guide

The developer provides a step-by-step user manual covering everything from installation to optimization and troubleshooting. Their world-class customer support is also available to answer any questions.

Pre-Defined Set Files

The included set files allow you to instantly upload optimized settings for different account types and capital levels, eliminating the need to manually input each parameter.

Automating your trading with this EA does not require any specialized technical skills. The simple yet flexible interface makes it accessible even for those new to algorithmic systems.

Firestorm Prop Firm Scalper V5 EA myfxbook

Firestorm Prop Firm Scalper V5 EA Conclusion

With features like high win rates, generous risk-reward ratios, and effortless automation, Firestorm Prop Firm Scalper V5 EA empowers traders to execute a strategically sound trading plan consistently. Its reliability across various market conditions makes it well worth the investment for prop firm traders seeking to maximize profits.


  • 80%+ win rate for very favorable risk-reward ratio
  • 50%+ monthly returns achievable
  • Low drawdowns through robust risk management
  • Verified live track record of over 1300% returns
  • Easy to install, configure, and operate
  • Flexible settings to suit all trader preferences
  • Set files allow quick optimization for any account


  • Only works on MetaTrader 4 platform
  • Requires minimum $100 account balance
  • Results can vary based on parameter optimization

So if you are looking for a reliable, profitable solution to automate your trading, EA ticks all the boxes. The state-of-the-art technology and stellar performance metrics make this expert advisor a game changer for prop firm traders worldwide.


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