Prop Firm EA Review – The Game Changer for Algorithmic Trading

Prop Firm EA is an innovative suite of tools developed by the PROP FIRM-EA team to assist traders in making profitable trading decisions. As per their website, these tools are intended to aid decision making and not provide direct investment advice. In this comprehensive review, we will analyze the features, performance, safety and suitability of Prop Firm EA for traders looking to get into algorithmic trading.

Prop Firm EA

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Overview of Prop Firm EA

Prop Firm EA offers automated trading expert advisors (EAs) designed exclusively for the MetaTrader 4 platform. These EAs perform complex analyses of moving markets across various currency pairs and timeframes. They aim to automate elements of trade execution to save time and effort for traders.

Specifically, Prop Firm EA tools open and close trades automatically based on indicators and do not use high-risk strategies like martingale. The purpose is to help traders successfully pass funding firm evaluations and profit later with their capital allocations.

Main Features

  • Automated trading EAs for MetaTrader 4
  • Works across currency pairs and timeframes
  • Opens and closes trades automatically
  • Does not use martingale strategy
  • Helps pass funding firm challenges

Intended Benefits

  • Save time analyzing charts
  • Prevent emotional decision making
  • Pass funding firm evaluations faster
  • Access capital allocations for trading
  • Grow profits with allocated capital

Performance and Results

According to customer testimonials and third-party rating sites, Prop Firm EA demonstrates consistent profitability across different market conditions.

On the Myfxbook auto-trading verification service, Prop Firm EA v5.5 shows a 64% gain over 6 months. The chart indicates steady upward progression with no major drawdowns.

Prop Firm EA also displays a high profit factor of 2.15 on Myfxbook, suggesting it generates more than twice as much profit as loss over time.

Key Stats

  • 64% Gain in 6 Months
  • Profit Factor 2.15
  • Low Drawdown
  • Positive Client Feedback

These metrics point to a robust and stable performance that can appeal to traders looking for long-term growth. Of course, past results do not guarantee future performance.

Safety and Risk Management

An important criteria for evaluating any trading system is its approach to risk management. Prop Firm EA employs various pre-programmed techniques to minimize capital loss.

It uses stop losses on every trade to restrict downside. If markets move against a position, the EA will exit automatically at a pre-defined level rather than letting losses accumulate.

Additionally, Prop Firm EA increases/decreases position sizes based on account balance. By adjusting risk exposure, it prevents over-trading beyond a tolerable threshold.

Conservative risk protocols like these make Prop Firm EA a relatively safe choice within the realm of automated trading. While no system eliminates risk entirely, these inbuilt measures aim to protect capital even in unpredictable market conditions.

Ease of Use

Prop Firm EA aims to make automated trading as simple as possible for traders. The installation process involves just dragging and dropping the EA file onto a MetaTrader 4 chart.

After installation, traders only need to adjust key settings like trade size and stop loss levels. The software handles entry and exit signals automatically based on its algorithms.

Such ease of use makes Prop Firm EA ideal for beginners exploring algorithmic trading. The tool shoulders the analytical workload so traders can focus on honing risk management skills and developing robust trading plans.

For advanced traders, Prop Firm EA eliminates the need for manually monitoring charts across different assets and time horizons. The automated nature saves significant time and effort without compromising performance.

Suitability and Compatibility

Prop Firm EA incorporates features tailored specifically for prop firms and their evaluation criteria. According to vendor claims, each development phase requires just 15-20 days to complete.

The EA is therefore best suited for traders aiming to pass prop firm challenges like those offered by FTMO, MyForexFunds, Topstep and many others. The algorithms optimize for these short term evaluations.

In terms of compatibility, Prop Firm EA only works on MetaTrader 4 platforms with live accounts above $10,000 equity. It trades popular forex pairs like EUR/USD and GBP/USD across hourly or shorter timeframes.

So traders using MetaTrader 5 or looking to trade stocks or commodities cannot use Prop Firm EA. Those with account balances below $10,000 should also evaluate other automated trading options better suited for small accounts.

Prop Firm EA Pricing

As per Forex EA Shop, Prop Firm EA v6.5 is available for $349 when paying via PayPal or card. Cryptocurrency payments yield a discounted price of 0.05 BTC.

The pricing is reasonable compared to alternatives providing similar functionality. However, traders should factor in subscription costs for a Virtual Private Server (VPS) to keep the EA running smoothly 24/7.

Prop Firm EA Verdict

Prop Firm EA is an impressive suite of automated trading tools tailored specifically for prop firm evaluations. The performance stats and risk protocols indicate an EA that can deliver consistent results over the long run.

Ease of use also makes it ideal for traders aiming to tap into algorithmic trading without getting overwhelmed. Compatibility with MetaTrader 4 suits the needs of most forex traders using such platforms.

Overall, Prop Firm EA emerges as a robust and reliable choice in the crowded field of automated trading. While costs may deter extremely small account holders, it offers a game changing solution for traders looking to accelerate success with prop firm capital allocations.

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