Gold Trade Pro V2.0 EA – An Honest Gold Trading Robot That Actually Works

Gold Trade Pro V2.0 EA is a gold trading robot (expert advisor) for the MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms, sold on This EA focuses on trading the volatile XAUUSD gold pair using genuine trading strategies rather than risky methods like grids or martingales.

Gold Trade Pro V2.0 EA

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Overview and Features

Gold Trade Pro stands out from the crowded gold EA market by using real trading tactics instead of manipulation. It identifies support and resistance levels on the daily chart, then enters breakout trades with defined stop losses.

The key features of Gold Trade Pro V2.0 EA include:

  • 7 integrated strategies that work together for stable growth
  • Trades the volatile XAUUSD pair with breakouts
  • Uses daily support and resistance levels
  • Defines stop loss and take profit for every trade
  • Trailing stop loss to lock in profits
  • Low $200 minimum account balance
  • Easy “set and forget” installation

Table: Gold Trade Pro V2.0 EA Features

Feature Description
Timeframe Daily
Currency Pair XAUUSD (Gold)
Minimum Deposit $200
Strategies 7 integrated strategies
Take Profit and Stop Loss Defined for every trade
Trailing Stop Loss Moves stop loss to lock profits
Martingale No martingale, grids, or recovery

The developer focuses on honest trading rather than tactics to manipulate backtests. As they state, losses are to be expected in trading. Gold Trade Pro acknowledges losing trades, rather than hiding them like some EAs.

Strategy and Trading Logic

The core strategy relies on breakouts from daily support and resistance levels in the volatile XAUUSD pair. It combines this with multiple integrated strategies for a robust trading approach.

Gold Trade Pro V2.0 EA enters trades in the direction of the breakout, setting defined stop loss and take profit levels based on recent price action. If price moves favorably, the trailing stop will adjust to lock in profits.

The EA monitors daily charts for breakout signals. When price breaks support or resistance convincingly, new trades are opened. The EA accounts for spread and slippage, helping avoid false breakouts.

Image: Example of Gold Trade Pro Breakout Strategy

Gold trade pro breakout example image

The EA does not use any risky strategies like martingale or grids. This means losses are possible, but it avoids account blow ups from doubling down on losing trades.

Multiple integrated strategies combine to create a stable equity curve, trading in the direction of daily support and resistance.

Gold Trade Pro V2.0 EA Live Performance and Backtests

Gold Trade Pro V2.0 EA has demonstrated consistent real performance in live accounts. The developer shows regular updates on mql5 with detailed monthly reports.

Here are some of the latest live results:

  • Account 1: +$2,314 profit, 12% gain in 3 months
  • Account 2: +$971 profit, 97% gain in 2 months
  • Account 3: +$1,736 profit, 44% gain in 5 weeks

The long term growth curves are stable thanks to the multi-strategy approach. Drawdowns do occur, but the EA bounces back reliably.

In backtests, Gold Trade Pro performed well across different time periods. The 2020-2023 backtest showed a smooth equity curve with a 539% profit.

Image: Example backtest for Gold Trade Pro EA

Gold trade pro backtest image

The backtests align closely with the real forward results. This consistency gives confidence in the EA’s trading strategy and logic.

Installation and Setup

Gold Trade Pro V2.0 EA works on MetaTrader 4 and 5. The setup only takes a few minutes:

  1. Open an XAUUSD chart on the daily timeframe
  2. Drag the EA file onto the chart
  3. Enter your preferred lot size and risk settings
  4. Let the EA trade automatically!

The developer recommends starting with a $200 account balance. Use lower risk settings for small accounts, then increase risk as the balance grows.

Enable “Allow Live Trading” so your broker account is ready to trade. Other settings can be adjusted as desired, but defaults work well.

Gold Trade Pro V2.0 EA Pricing and Purchase Options

Gold Trade Pro V2.0 EA is sold exclusively on for the price of $449. This includes:

  • Lifetime license for 1 real and 1 demo account
  • Free updates to any new versions
  • Support from the Profalgo Limited developer

Mql5 offers secure checkout with options like credit card and PayPal. Payment plans may also be available.

Use the mql5 marketplace rating system to see real trader reviews and experiences with Gold Trade Pro. It currently has a 5/5 star rating.

Verdict and Review Summary

Gold Trade Pro V2.0 EA stands out as a solid choice in the gold trading space. Too many EAs rely on manipulation or hype, while this focuses on genuine strategies.


  • Real trading logic, no martingale or grids
  • Smooth growth from multi-strategy approach
  • Defines stops and targets for low risk
  • Low $200 minimum balance
  • Proven live results since 2020


  • Only trades XAUUSD pair
  • Daily chart trading, not for scalping

For intermediate traders looking to profit from gold’s volatility, Gold Trade Pro is a top contender. The honest approach from Profalgo Limited instils confidence.

With the low minimum balance, reasonable price, and mql5 purchase protection, Gold Trade Pro V2.0 EA earns a strong recommendation. It executes a logical strategy that keeps risk in check while maximizing profits from gold’s daily swings.

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