ALPHA GOLD EA – The Ultimate Path to Unrivaled Profits in Gold Trading

Alpha Gold EA is an expert advisor for the MetaTrader 4 platform that is specifically designed for automated gold (XAUUSD) trading. This robot aims to help traders maximize profits and achieve rapid deposit growth when trading gold.


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Overview and Key Features

Alpha Gold EA boasts the following key features:

  • Proven Track Record: Passed rigorous live testing standards of FTMO/prop firms across 8 months to validate effectiveness in real market conditions
  • 9 Trading Strategies: Utilizes 9 distinct strategies that each contribute to entries and exits to capitalize on trends
  • Small Account Compatible: Designed to work with accounts as small as $200, making it accessible to traders will limited capital
  • Risk Management: Incorporates stop losses and other tools to control risk and drawdown

The combination of multiple strategies and robust risk management allows the Alpha Gold EA to navigate market volatility and identify high-probability trades.

ALPHA GOLD EA Performance Results

Extensive backtests and live testing show positive results for Alpha Gold EA:

  • 73 weeks of live testing with consistent weekly gains
  • Lowest drawdown of 40.94% across testing period
  • Over 6,000 pips in net profitability

These metrics demonstrate the EA’s ability to grow accounts over time without taking on excessive risk. The longevity of successful testing suggests profitable longevity.

Using Alpha Gold EA

Alpha Gold EA aims for simplicity and flexibility in usage:

  • Timeframe: Optimized for M15 chart but can work on any timeframe
  • Account Type: Compatible with any MT4 account type
  • Brokers: Works with all brokers and ECN/STP execution
  • Assets: Designed for XAUUSD (gold) but can also trade other pairs

Traders can customize the position sizing, use dynamic or fixed lots, and enable or disable features like martingale based on their preferences.

Buying and Support

Alpha Gold EA is available for purchase on sites like ForexEAStore for $14. The low price makes it accessible for all account sizes.

Support is included to help traders import files, install the EA, and optimize settings. Active community forums also provide tips and assistance.

ALPHA GOLD EA Conclusion

For gold traders seeking an automated solution, Alpha Gold EA provides a reliable option that incorporates robust strategies and risk management. The extensive historical testing results give traders confidence that the EA can navigate market volatility and deliver consistent profits over time.

While no EA can guarantee profits, Alpha Gold has shown promising backtests and real account growth worth consideration for diversifying a portfolio. Between the low minimum capital requirements, flexibility in usage, and excellent support, Alpha Gold EA removes barriers so more traders can access this leading automated gold trading system.

Author: Dominic Walsh

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