ADAM for FTMO 4 EA: Revolutionizing Algorithmic Trading

ADAM for FTMO 4 EA is an innovative expert advisor designed specifically to help traders pass the rigorous FTMO $100K challenge. This powerful trading bot fuses artificial intelligence with over 17 years of trading expertise to create a next-generation algo trading solution.


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How ADAM for FTMO 4 EA Works

The ADAM for FTMO 4 EA incorporates several key features that enable it to effectively trade the FTMO challenge:

  • Exclusive Focus on Reputable Prop Firms: ADAM exclusively trades for well-known, trusted prop firms like FTMO and MFF. It uses parameters optimized for the default $100K FTMO challenge.
  • Tested Currency Pairs: Rigorously tested on the EURUSD and GBPUSD pairs in 15-minute timeframes. Concentrating on these two pairs improves performance compared to trading multiple pairs.
  • Weekend Risk Management: ADAM ceases trading and closes all positions before weekends at 12 PM GMT +3 on Fridays, eliminating weekend gap risk.
  • FTMO-Tailored Strategies: Incorporates specific tricks and tactics to help traders pass the FTMO challenge combine, giving an edge over manual traders.
  • AI-Powered Coding: The integration of AI through ChatGPT allows rapid development and implementation of complex, effective trading strategies.
  • Customizable Account Optimization: ADAM provides flexible parameters to optimize performance for account sizes from $25K up to $300K.
  • Risk Management Protocols: Implements robust stop losses, position sizing, and other risk controls to maximize stability.

Key Benefits of Using ADAM for FTMO 4 EA

ADAM for FTMO 4 EA confers several advantages to traders aiming to pass the FTMO evaluation:

Swift Strategy Implementation Through AI

The fusion of artificial intelligence and over 17 years of trading experience allows rapid optimization and deployment of intricate trading techniques. Strategies that could take weeks or months to code manually can be implemented swiftly using AI.

Reduced Risk Through Strict Protocols

With inbuilt position sizing, stop losses, and weekend trade closure, ADAM systematically minimizes risk. Losing streaks are curtailed through these institutional-grade risk management tools.

Customization for Diverse Account Sizes

Unlike rigid EAs, ADAM allows parameter changes to optimize performance for accounts ranging from $25K to $300K. This flexibility helps traders calibrate it perfectly for their capital level.

Specialized Tools for FTMO Success

ADAM incorporates proprietary tactics designed specifically to pass the FTMO challenge evaluation. This gives traders an advantage compared to manual trading or generic EAs.

Proven Track Record

Extensive backtesting and live testing has validated ADAM’s ability to consistently pass FTMO challenges with an approximate 8% monthly return and under 6% max drawdown.

Using ADAM for FTMO 4 EA


To effectively utilize ADAM for FTMO 4 EA, traders need to ensure the following:

  • MetaTrader 4 platform
  • Allowance for EAs as per broker rules
  • Understanding of basic EA configuration

Setup Steps

The key steps to set up ADAM for FTMO 4 EA are:

  1. Download ADAM and install it on the MetaTrader 4 platform
  2. Attach it to a chart of the EURUSD or GBPUSD currency pairs
  3. Configure risk management settings like stop loss and take profit levels
  4. Initialize auto-trading and allow ADAM to place trades automatically


It’s vital to optimize ADAM’s settings instead of using default parameters:

  • Timeframe: 15 minutes
  • Account Size: Adjust lot sizes and risk for account capital
  • Risk: Tweak stop loss levels based on risk appetite
  • Currency Pairs: Only use EURUSD and GBPUSD

Careful optimization boosts ADAM’s profitability while reducing risk and drawdowns.

The Developer Behind ADAM for FTMO 4 EA

ADAM for FTMO 4 EA was created by Vyacheslav Izvarin, a trading systems developer with over 17 years of market experience.

Vyacheslav has specialized expertise in crafting EAs, trading bots, and algo solutions tailored specifically for prop firm trading across global markets. His integration of institutional-grade risk protocols into ADAM is a testament to his technical skills.

The decision to fuse AI and human trading knowledge to create ADAM displays Vyacheslav’s innovative approach. ADAM represents a pioneering product in the realm of AI and algorithmic trading.

Verdict: A Powerful Algo Trading Solution

In summary, ADAM for FTMO 4 EA is an exceptional algorithmic trading system merging sophisticated AI and veteran trading expertise.

It implements proven tactics to systematically pass FTMO evaluations. The risk management protocols also instill trading discipline to preserve capital.

For traders aiming to access funded accounts via FTMO or other reputed prop firms, ADAM for FTMO 4 EA delivers a potent solution worth considering. Its reliability, customizability, and performance history give it an edge over manual trading techniques.

While exercising risk caution is always essential, this EA certainly equips traders powerfully in conquering the FTMO challenge combine.

Author: Dominic Walsh

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