Vision Scalper EA Review – A Powerful Forex Scalping Robot

The Vision Scalper EA is an automated forex trading robot that implements artificial intelligence and machine learning within its algorithm to find potential scalping opportunities across 28 currency pairs. This expert advisor has been specifically designed for the popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform.

Vision Scalper EA

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The Vision Scalper EA is marketed as the “#1 Forex Scalping Algorithm Powered by AI” and promises to provide traders with long term, stable passive income through forex scalping.

Some of the key features highlighted by the developer include:

  • 80%+ win rate with over 60 trades per day
  • Over 7000 active subscribers
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Ability to trade 28 currency pairs from one chart
  • Advanced risk management and money management
  • Trailing stop loss
  • Hedging capabilities
  • Correlation analysis to find best trading opportunities
  • News filter to avoid high impact events
  • Fully customizable settings

How It Works

As the name suggests, the Vision Scalper EA implements a scalping strategy, which means it aims to capture small profits from the forex markets repeatedly throughout the day.

The robot scans the markets for potential entry signals based on its AI-powered algorithm. It then enters trades rapidly when opportunities arise and aims to exit with a small profit per trade.

Some of the entry techniques utilized include breakouts, momentum, trend following, and mean reversion. Exits are handled through take profit and trailing stop loss orders, along with hedging capabilities in case a trade moves against the position.

The EA has been optimized for the 1 hour timeframe but can be adjusted for other timeframes as well.


Here is a more detailed overview of some of the main features and customization options available in the Vision Scalper software:

Advanced Money Management

  • Lot size calculation based on account size
  • Fixed or automatic lot sizing
  • Percentage of account to risk per trade

Risk Management

  • Maximum trades per day
  • Maximum losing trades in a row
  • Dynamic stop loss
  • Ability to enable virtual stops

Correlation Analysis

  • Auto selection of best quote/base currency pair

News Filter

  • Avoidance of high impact news events

Trend Analysis

  • Trade with or against the trend

Trailing Stop Loss

  • Customizable trailing stop distance
  • Breakeven feature


  • Ability to open additional positions to hedge losing trades


  • Option to enable martingale and set step distance

Multiple Timeframes

  • Can be used on timeframes from 1 minute to 1 day

Multiple Currency Pairs

  • Simultaneous trading across 28 majors, crosses, and exotics

Backtesting Results

The developer provides limited backtesting results on the website which show strong hypothetical performance over the past 5 years.

However, it is difficult to independently verify these results without access to the testing data. As is common practice in the forex EA industry, MyFXBook verification would add more credibility regarding historical performance.

It is also worth noting that due to the scalping nature of this EA, broker selection, spreads, commissions, and execution speeds will likely have a significant impact on real-world results compared to simulated backtests.


The Vision Scalper EA is available through two pricing options:

Monthly License

  • $99 per month
  • Access for 1 MT4 account
  • Unlimited demo accounts

Lifetime License

  • $399 one-time fee
  • Lifetime access
  • Free updates
  • Support included

Vision Scalper EA Pros and Cons


  • Customizable scalping system
  • Multiple trading features and options
  • Developer offers refund policy
  • Good hypothetical backtest results


  • No third-party verification as of yet
  • Scalping results may vary significantly by broker
  • Higher risk of over-optimization
  • Requires monitoring and optimization

Vision Scalper EA Conclusion

The Vision Scalper EA provides traders with an extensive suite of features to automate a forex scalping strategy across multiple currency pairs simultaneously.

While the backtesting statistics indicate strong potential, real-world results can differ substantially and lack independent verification thus far. As with any EA, proper forward testing and optimization is critical prior to committing real capital.

Overall, the Vision Scalper may appeal to traders seeking an advanced scalping solution but should be evaluated cautiously like any expert advisor before integration into a trading plan. Ongoing transparency regarding real account results from the developer could provide more confidence in the EA’s capabilities.

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