Epignosis Black Mamba OS Edition EA Review

Are you looking for an automated trading robot that can help you make money in the forex market? The Epignosis Black Mamba OS Edition EA might be just what you need. This expert advisor is designed to trade like Caleb Phiri, a very successful forex and Nasdaq trader.

Epignosis Black Mamba OS Edition EA

Download Epignosis Black Mamba OS Edition EA

What is the Epignosis Black Mamba OS Edition EA?

The Epignosis Black Mamba OS Edition EA is a trading robot that can trade for you automatically. It is made to work just like how Caleb Phiri trades. Caleb Phiri is known as the “Forex Nasdaq Billionaire” on Instagram. He makes a lot of money trading and many people are amazed by his results.

This EA was created when one of the best trading software programmers worked with Caleb Phiri. They spent many hours developing and testing it to make sure it could turn small accounts into big profits.

Some key features of the Epignosis Black Mamba OS Edition EA:

  • Works with the MetaTrader 4 platform
  • Can trade on any timeframe
  • Supports trading multiple currency pairs
  • Compatible with ECN brokers
  • No minimum leverage required

How does it perform?

Based on the results shared, the Epignosis Black Mamba OS Edition EA can make steady profits with low risk. In one month, it made around 40% profit with a maximum drawdown of only 11.79%. This shows it can grow your account while keeping losses small.

The vendor, Epignosis, says the EA uses technical indicators like moving averages and pattern recognition to analyze the markets. It tries to identify the trend direction, momentum, and important support and resistance levels. The latest version released in 2022 also has machine learning that helps it adapt to changing market conditions.

How to get started

If you want to try the Epignosis Black Mamba OS Edition EA, you can purchase it from ForexEAshop. The original price is $299 but you can get it for only $9, saving 99%! After buying, you will receive the EA file via email.

The download includes:

  • Epignosis Black Mamba OS Edition EA .ex4 file (unlimited version, no DLL required)
  • Settings and fix files
  • Compatible with prop firms like FTMO and MFF

Once you have the files, you just need to install the EA on your MetaTrader 4 platform and let it start trading for you automatically. It’s designed to be easy to use even if you don’t have much trading experience.


Overall, the Epignosis Black Mamba OS Edition EA looks like a promising tool for anyone who wants to automate their forex trading. By mimicking the successful approach of Caleb Phiri, it aims to deliver impressive profits with low risk.

The results so far are very encouraging, showing the EA can steadily grow an account. And with the latest machine learning enhancements, it may be able to adapt and perform well even as market conditions evolve.

Buying from ForexEAshop, you can get this powerful EA at a huge 99% discount. So if you’re interested in hands-free trading and potentially emulating the success of a top trader like Caleb Phiri, the Epignosis Black Mamba OS Edition EA is definitely worth checking out.

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