Unlock Your Path to Forex Wealth with Patrex Pro EA MT5 V8.0

The world of automated Forex trading is evolving rapidly, with new expert advisors (EAs) emerging that leverage cutting-edge technology to optimize trades. One such EA that is making waves in the industry is Patrex Pro MT5 V8.0 – an award-winning fully automated trading robot designed to generate consistent profits.


Download PATREX PRO EA 2024 MT5 V8.0

In this comprehensive review, we will analyze the features, performance metrics, and technology behind Patrex Pro to help you determine if it is the right EA for your trading needs.

Overview of Patrex Pro EA

Patrex Pro is an expert advisor compatible with the popular MetaTrader 5 (MT5) trading platform. It utilizes advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to scan the markets, identify high-probability setups, and automatically execute trades based on its predictive analytics engine.

Some standout features that set Patrex Pro apart include:

  • Fully Automated Trading: No manual intervention needed – the EA handles every aspect of trading automatically
  • AI-Powered Analytics: Continuously scans and analyzes the markets using predictive models
  • Low-Risk Scalping Strategy: Focuses on small, consistent profits to compound gains over time
  • Built-in Risk Management: Protects capital through stop losses, filtering news events, and more
  • 50+ Customizable Parameters: Allows traders to tweak settings to fit their risk tolerance

With its innovative technology and focus on steady profits, Patrex Pro aims to make Forex wealth creation simple for both new and seasoned traders.

How Patrex Pro MT5 EA Works

Under the hood, Patrex Pro utilizes complex algorithms that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to model market dynamics across various currency pairs and timeframes.

It processes current and historical price data, technical indicators, market sentiment, economic news, and more to detect patterns and predict future price movements.

The predictive engine then identifies high-probability trading opportunities and executes automatic entries and exits based on the analytics.

Key aspects of the Patrex Pro trading logic include:

  • Pattern Recognition: Identifies chart and candlestick patterns signaling potential reversals or trend continuations
  • Support/Resistance Analysis: Detects key S/R levels to target entries and exits
  • Sentiment Analysis: Processes order flow and volume data to gauge market positioning
  • Correlation Analysis: Evaluates intermarket relationships between currency pairs and commodities
  • Statistical Probabilities: Calculates odds of trade outcomes to optimize risk/reward

By combining these advanced analytics modules, Patrex Pro aims to give traders an “AI advantage” when speculating in the foreign exchange markets.

Performance Metrics and Backtests

Extensive backtesting plays a critical role in evaluating any expert advisor before committing real capital. According to the vendor, Patrex Pro MT5 EA has been rigorously tested across various currency pairs, timeframes, and market conditions.

Key backtest metrics published include:

  • Total net profit: $223,000+
  • Return on investment: Over 2300%
  • Largest winning trade: $15,300+
  • Maximum drawdown: Under 20%
  • Win rate: 80%+
  • Risk-reward ratio: 1:2+
  • Monthly average gain: 15-20%+

These stellar backtest results demonstrate Patrex Pro’s potential to generate outsized profits over the long run. Traders should exercise caution, however, when reviewing backtests, as live results may vary. Be sure to demo test the EA before going live.

Benefits of Using Patrex Pro MT5 Robot

Patrex Pro brings numerous advantages to the table that make it an appealing option for Forex traders:

1. Fully Automated AI-Powered Trading

The EA handles every aspect of trading automatically based on predictive analytics – from entries to exits. This frees up traders to focus on other endeavors.

2. Effective Risk & Money Management

Patrex Pro has built-in settings to adjust position sizing, stop losses, take profits, and more to align with one’s risk tolerance. This prevents overleveraging.

3. Powerful Customization Options

With over 50 adjustable parameters, traders can tweak the EA’s logic to best suit their trading style and market conditions.

4. Saves Time & Reduces Analysis Paralysis

Since all analysis is handled algorithmically, traders save ample time and avoid “analysis paralysis” from information overload.

5. Consistent Profits Over Time

By targeting small wins using its scalping strategy, Patrex Pro aims to compound gains steadily to grow accounts over months and years.

6. Award-Winning Technology

Patrex Pro utilizes cutting-edge ML/AI modeling to provide traders with a technological edge in the markets. Its innovation has earned industry awards.

For traders seeking an intelligent “set and forget” trading solution, Patrex Pro checks all the boxes.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing

While Patrex Pro EA certainly has allure, traders should weigh a few key factors before purchasing:

Account Size

The vendor suggests a $1000 minimum account size. Smaller accounts may face greater challenges given the leveraged nature of Forex.

Broker Requirements

The EA is optimized for ECN/STP brokers with fast execution, tight spreads, and minimum slippage. Factors like virtual dealing desk execution can impair performance.

Demo Testing

Thoroughly backtest and demo trade the EA in a simulated environment across different market conditions before risking capital.

Evaluating these dynamics will allow traders to determine if Patrex Pro aligns with their trading requirements.

Using Patrex Pro EA – Step-by-Step Walkthrough

For traders ready to deploy Patrex Pro EA, the following step-by-step walkthrough summarizes the process:

Step 1: Sign Up With a Compatible Broker

The first step is finding a broker that offers the MetaTrader 5 platform while meeting execution quality and technology standards. Some reputable international brokers to consider include IC Markets, Pepperstone, and OctaFX.

Step 2: Install MT5 Terminal & Open a Live or Demo Account

Once registered with your broker of choice, install the MT5 desktop terminal on your Windows PC or VPS service (recommended). Then log into an existing account or open a demo account to test drive the software.

Step 3: Purchase & Install Patrex Pro EA

Next, purchase Patrex Pro through the vendor’s website and gain access to the EA files. Open your MT5 platform, drag the EX5 file into the Navigator panel and Patrex Pro will appear under Expert Advisors.

Step 4: Load Symbol Charts & Optimize Settings

Within MT5, open price charts for any currency pairs you wish Patrex Pro to trade. Then double-click the EA in Navigator to open settings and optimize parameters to your preferences.

Step 5: Run the EA & Monitor Performance

Finally, attach Patrex Pro to run automatically on your symbol charts. Monitor trades in real-time through the MT5 terminal and track performance using detailed metrics and statistics.

Following these simple steps allows traders to unleash the power of this award-winning Forex trading robot. Adjust settings periodically and use prudent position sizing to maximize profit potential.

The Developer & Vendor Behind Patrex Pro

Transparency regarding the developer and vendor behind any EA is critical when evaluating legitimacy and potential profitability.

Patrex Pro MT5 EA is sold through Godlove University – an emerging player in the automated trading industry.

While a relatively new vendor, Godlove University appears to have an established brand presence with a professional website, active YouTube and social media channels, and growing community forum.

According to the company, Patrex Pro was conceptualized by a team of data scientists, quant traders, and Forex experts. The team leverages its combined decades of modeling experience to build predictive engines for financial markets.

In addition to the core product, Godlove University provides an ecosystem of training resources and community support. This includes detailed installation guides, tutorial videos, weekly live coaching sessions, member forums, and customer service teams.

Such ancillary services add credibility and value for traders exploring automated solutions. While more time is needed to establish a long-term track record, initial signs point to Godlove University being a respectable vendor in the space.

Pricing Plans & Money-Back Guarantee

Godlove University offers tiered pricing plans for Patrex Pro EA based on desired features:

Patrex Pro AI Edition: $349 – Entry-level package with core EA Patrex Pro Unlimited: $499 – Adds unlimited MT5 accounts Patrex Pro VIP: $799 – Includes private support access

Considering the AI research, development costs, and profit potential, these prices offer reasonable value.

Notably, Godlove University provides a 60-day money-back satisfaction guarantee on all packages. This allows adequate risk-free testing to determine if Patrex Pro aligns with one’s trading style before fully committing.

Final Thoughts – A Next-Gen AI Trading Tool

In closing, Patrex Pro EA brings next-generation artificial intelligence to automated Forex trading – opening the door to set-and-forget passive income.

While the vendor Godlove University is relatively new, initial signs point to a legitimate and reputable company with a strong supporting ecosystem.

If seeking an award-winning EA with advanced predictive analytics, customizable settings, and stellar backtest results – Patrex Pro checks all the boxes.

Between the money-back guarantee and suite of training resources, traders have ample opportunity to test drive Patrex Pro in a risk-controlled manner.

The world of automated trading continues advancing rapidly. For those seeking an AI edge, Patrex Pro may be the ultimate ticket to long-term Forex prosperity.

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