An In-Depth Review of Forex ORACLE EA

Forex ORACLE EA is an automated trading system designed specifically for trading foreign exchange (forex). It was created by professional traders Justin Ortiz and Chris Ramirez to generate passive income through algorithmic trading. In this comprehensive review, we will analyze ORACLE EA’s features, performance history, pros and cons, and suitability for different types of forex traders.


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Overview of Forex ORACLE EA

ORACLE EA is marketed as a set-and-forget passive income solution that can automatically execute trades even while you sleep. Some of its main features highlighted by the developers include:

  • Compatibility with all brokers and account types
  • Multiple currency pairs and timeframes
  • Customizable strategies and risk management
  • User-friendly interface for easy setup
  • Active community support and updates

The expert advisor is primarily focused on the XAUUSD (gold) pair but also works well with major forex pairs like EURUSD. It aims to help both experienced and newbie retail traders succeed through algorithmic trading.


Under the hood, ORACLE EA 2.0 utilizes multiple trading strategies focusing on counter-trend scalping and reversals. It also occasionally applies the risky martingale method to recover losing positions.

The developers claim ORACLE has gone through extensive backtesting and optimization to find the best performing parameters. However, limited details have been provided publicly regarding the exact logic and risk controls used.

Once installed on the popular MetaTrader 4 platform, the forex robot can monitor markets 24/7 and place trades automatically based on its strategy rules and settings. You can customize aspects like position sizing, stop losses, take profits, and enable features like martingale to your personal risk tolerance.

Features and Benefits

Some of the notable benefits offered by Forex ORACLE EA include:

Easy Passive Income

The major highlight is hands-free automated trading that keeps working to potentially generate profits while you focus elsewhere. This convenience appeals to busy people lacking time to analyze charts actively.

Customizable Strategies

While ORACLE EA has preset strategies, you can adjust key settings like position sizing, stop losses and take profit levels to match your account size and risk appetite. It allows flexibility missing in other rigid EAs.

Dedicated Community

Purchasing ORACLE EA gives you access to a private Discord community of fellow users. Here you can get questions answered, learn from other traders, and stay updated regarding new releases.

Regular Updates

The developers continually monitor performance and market conditions to improve the expert advisor through updates. This adaptation helps maintain profitability across changing volatility and trends.

Performance and Backtests

According to the ORACLE EA sales page, backtests show the potential to turn a $3000 account into over $100,000 within a year. Many bold claims are made regarding exceptional profitability based on historical simulations.

However, no verified myFXbook results are provided to demonstrate real-life performance across live market conditions. This makes it impossible to independently confirm the claims being made based on backtest results alone. Credible EAs show real account results to establish trust and transparency.

Without verified forward testing on live accounts, potential buyers should be skeptical regarding promises of easy consistent profits. Even the best backtested EAs can fail once unleashed on unpredictable live market price action.

Who is ORACLE EA Best For?

Based on the information available, ORACLE EA seems most appealing for traders with the following profile:

  • Willingness to take risks – The lack of verified real results and use of martingale means high risk of ruin
  • Small account size – The $3000 backtest suggests it may perform better with smaller capital
  • Passive income seekers – The hands-off automated approach suits people focused on other endeavors
  • New to algorithmic trading – Easy interface allows beginners to start experimenting with EAs quickly

On the other hand, experienced traders and risk-averse investors may be better served by proven automated systems with established live track records. Though ORACLE EA shows potential, the unverified promises make it a high risk proposition.


  • Set and forget automated trading
  • Customizable trading system
  • Private community forum support
  • Frequent software updates
  • Lower price point than many EAs


  • No verified real account trading results
  • High risk methods like martingale used
  • Overpromising claims of easy profits
  • Higher risk of loss for accounts under $3000


Forex ORACLE EA provides an affordable entry point to algorithmic trading through its customizable automated expert advisor. However, the lack of real account verification data and reliance on risky techniques like martingale makes it a speculative trading system.

Potential buyers tempted by promises of turning a few thousand dollars into over $100k in annual profits should proceed with extreme caution. Without live performance validation, ORACLE EA remains an unproven product making bold claims that seem unrealistic to experienced forex traders. More risk-averse users may prefer alternative EAs with established and verified long term track records across live market conditions.

So in summary, while ORACLE EA shows some potential for small account holders willing to take risks, we cannot recommend it universally to all retail forex traders at this point. Transparent performance data across real accounts would go a long way to establishing more credibility regarding its profitability claims based on backtests. Until then skepticism is warranted when evaluating it versus safer, proven automated trading systems for currencies, stocks, crypto and commodities.

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