Mekamaina EA v2.0 – The Revolutionary Automated Forex Trading Robot

Mekamaina EA v2.0 is an innovative automated forex trading robot that requires no manual intervention. With just two buttons and three distinct set files, this expert advisor guarantees a minimum 3% daily profit for all users.

Mekamaina EA

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Overview of Mekamaina EA v2.0

The Mekamaina EA boasts a signal accuracy of 99%, providing traders the confidence and ease needed to be successful regardless of trading style – whether scalping, day trading or swing trading. This hands-free solution frees traders from manual analysis and unlocks their full potential.

Some key features include:

  • Trading Strategy – Trend reversal trading
  • Risk Management – Incorporates stop loss
  • Profitability – 10-50% monthly returns
  • Assets – Trades US30
  • Timeframe – Optimized for M15
  • Brokers – Works with any MT4 broker

How Mekamaina EA Works

The developer utilizes his Instagram profile to showcase profitable backtests and live trading sessions using the Mekamaina EA. Without verified monitoring through MyFxbook, the extent of profitability cannot be fully confirmed. However, the videos provide insight into the EA’s performance.

The trading logic incorporates strategies like using round numbers, analyzing candle closes, and monitoring volume. It also has filters to avoid high-impact news events, primarily trading during the New York session instead.

So while results should be taken with some skepticism, the EA does seemingly utilize established trading techniques within its algorithm.

Key Benefits of Mekamaina EA

There are several advantages to using a system like the Mekamaina EA:

  • Automation – The robot trades automatically without human intervention. This removes emotion and fatigue from trading.
  • Efficiency – The EA can monitor and analyze the markets 24/5, identifying trading opportunities much faster than a human.
  • Consistency – Programmed trading rules create reliable and repeatable results over time.
  • Customization – The set files allow traders to select strategies aligned with their goals.

For these reasons, automated solutions appeal to novice and experienced traders alike. Mekamaina EA aims to deliver these perks based on the information provided.

Performance Metrics & User Reviews

As mentioned, the developer shows short-term backtests and live trades averaging 10-50% monthly returns. However, long-term data is not available through a verified third party source. Independent user reviews could not be found either.

So while the EA seems profitable from the videos, and happy client testimonials may exist, traders should be wary of taking marketed performance statistics at face value without further proof. All EA’s have good periods and bad periods.

Pricing & Purchase Options

Mekamaina EA v2.0 is listed at $1100 on the developer’s website but is discounted over 90% on various resale sites:

  • ForexEAstore – $14
  • OutletForexShop – $100

When buying through resellers, delivery is near instant by email. Support and updates depend on the vendor. So buyers should consider the tradeoffs in quality and convenience.

Conclusion & Recommendation

Mekamaina EA v2.0 markets itself as a revolutionary hands-free trading solution for forex traders. While performance statistics should be taken lightly, the underlying trading logic does seem reasonably sound.

For $14, this EA may appeal to traders seeking accessible automation; albeit likely with mediocre support. Traders are advised to backtest thoroughly and use proper risk management as with any EA. Reasonable expectations are key.

Overall, Mekamaina EA v2.0 offers some valuable features but users should be cautious of believing inflated marketing claims from the developer. Independent proof is still lacking. Approach with tempered optimism rather than blind faith.

Author: Dominic Walsh

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