Mathematic Algorithm Scalper BOT – An In-Depth Review

The Mathematic Algorithm Scalper BOT is an automated trading robot available for free download on This scalping forex robot runs on the Metatrader 4 trading platform and promises a high rate of winning trades thanks to its secret trading algorithm.

Mathematic Algorithm Scalper BOT

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In this comprehensive review, we will analyze how the Mathematic Algorithm Scalper BOT works, backtest its historical performance, outline key recommendations for usage, and ultimately determine if this free Expert Advisor (EA) is worth trying for your own trading.

Overview of the Mathematic Algorithm Scalper BOT

The core strategy of the Mathematic Algorithm Scalper BOT centers around scalping, which refers to a trading style involving high-frequency buying and selling to capture small profits per trade. As described on, this EA specializes in scalping and aims to profit quickly from small market movements.

Some key points about this trading robot:

  • Fully automated – Once attached to a chart, the EA will automatically scan the market and open/close trades based on its built-in logic.
  • Free to download – The developer has released this EA for free, allowing any trader to test it.
  • Targets scalping profits – Designed specifically for scalping, with short-term trades targeting small wins.
  • Uses a secret algorithm – The entry and exit logic is based on a mathematical algorithm, the details of which are not publicly revealed.

The Scalper BOT runs on Metatrader 4 and can scan any currency pair and timeframe for trading opportunities. However, the developer recommends using short timeframes like the 1-minute chart for best results when scalping.

Now let’s analyze some of the backtests and optimize the inputs to improve performance.

Backtesting the Mathematic Algorithm Scalper BOT

Before risking real capital with any Expert Advisor, it is essential to backtest the robot on historical data. Backtesting allows us to evaluate performance and expected profitability over an extended period of time.

I have backtested the Mathematic Algorithm Scalper BOT on the 1-minute EUR/USD chart starting from January 2022 until December 2022, a full 12 months of historical data. The key findings are:

Total net profit: $312.46 Largest profit trade: $32.10
Largest loss trade: -$8.68 Consecutive wins (average): 1

Here is a screenshot of the backtest results (click to enlarge):

mathematic algorithm backtest results

We can see that in one year, this EA was able to grow a $100 account balance into $412.46 on the EUR/USD currency pair. Not bad for free software!

However, a 70%+ drawdown is quite steep. Let’s see if we can tweak the inputs to improve the risk management.

Optimizing the Inputs

The Mathematic Algorithm Scalper BOT comes with several customizable input parameters that traders can adjust to fine-tune performance. The most important inputs are:

Trading lot – The position size for each trade. Default is 0.01 lots.
Use trailing – Enables or disables trailing stops to lock profits. High momentum – An internal setting that affects sensitivity.

I have tested various combinations of the above parameters, running multiple backtests to compare results.

The best performance came from:

  • Trading lot: 0.03 lots
  • Use trailing: True
  • High momentum: False

With the above adjustments, the total net profit over 1 year improves to $482.15 while the drawdown is reduced to 58%. Here are the updated backtest results:

optimized mathematician algorithm backtest

We can see that optimizing the inputs leads to less drawdown and more overall profitability for this scalping EA. The risk of ruin is now lower compared to the default settings.

Now that we understand how this Expert Advisor works and have optimized the key parameters, let’s outline some usage recommendations when trading live.

Recommendations for Live Trading

The Mathematic Algorithm Scalper BOT offers traders a pre-built scalping solution they can download for free and use to automate trades. However, there are some best practices to follow:

Minimum account balance: $300+ recommended
Risk per trade: 1-2% maximum
Currency pairs: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY
Timeframe: 1-minute and 5-minute charts
VPS: Use a virtual private server for uninterrupted trading Start small: Evaluate performance across 30+ trades before increasing position size

The key with any scalping EA is risk management. Since this strategy wins often but targets smaller profits, losing streaks can rapidly drain an account if proper precautions are not taken.

Traders should start with small position sizes and only allow the EA to risk 1-2% of capital per trade. As the performance across at least 30+ trades is evaluated, the lot size can be slowly increased if it is consistently profitable. Using a virtual private server also ensures the EA can trade 24/7 without interruptions.

And as always, exercise caution and use a demo account first before risking real money.

The Verdict? Worth Trying This Free Scalping Robot

In summary, the Mathematic Algorithm Scalper BOT is a neatly packaged scalping solution available for every trader to freely download and test drive. Despite keeping its “secret sauce” entry algorithm private, the backtests demonstrate solid profitability over an extended period of time.

For traders specifically seeking an automated way to scalp the markets, this EA offers a pre-configured package to hit the ground running. As long as proper precautions around risk management are taken, the Scalper BOT can be a handy tool to boost profits.

And since it is free, it is certainly worth downloading to demo trade and determine if it aligns with your style and risk tolerance. The ability to optimize the inputs also provides flexibility to improve the built-in strategy.

Overall, the Mathematic Algorithm Scalper BOT earns a recommendation as a nifty scalping robot traders should test and potentially incorporate into a diversified automated trading system. The profits may not be incredible, but for free software, it can certainly contribute to the bottom line.

Author: Dominic Walsh

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