Forex Mega LLC EA V7.06 – In-Depth Review

The Forex Mega LLC EA V7.06 is an expert advisor (EA) for the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform that aims to automate forex trading. It was created by the Forex Mega LLC Group based in Romania.

Forex Mega LLC EA

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Some key features of the Forex Mega LLC EA V7.06 include:

  • Fully automated trading – no manual intervention needed
  • Works on the popular MT4 platform
  • Scans 28 currency pairs across multiple timeframes
  • Uses technical indicators like moving averages and RSI
  • Incorporates advanced trading algorithms
  • Does not use risky strategies like martingale
  • Promises minimum 300% monthly returns

How It Works

The Forex Mega LLC EA is an automated trading system that runs on MT4. It has preset trading logic and algorithms coded into it to analyze the markets, identify trading opportunities, and automatically execute trades.

Some of the main technical aspects of how it works:

  • Timeframe Analysis: Scans multiple timeframes from 1 minute all the way to daily. This allows it to identify trading opportunities across different time horizons.
  • Technical Indicators: Uses indicators like moving averages, RSI, stochastic, MACD to detect patterns and potential entries/exits.
  • Auto Execution: When a trade signal is triggered based on its strategy, the EA will automatically place market or pending orders without human intervention.
  • Risk Management: Has preset stop losses and take profit levels, and does not use risky martingale strategies.

By automating technical analysis and order execution, the Forex Mega LLC EA aims to remove emotional errors and bias from trading decisions.

Performance Metrics

Based on the information available, here are some key metrics about the EA’s purported performance:

  • Monthly Returns: It promises minimum 300%+ profit per month. However, such returns seem unrealistic and exaggerated. More moderate and consistent returns are more believable.
  • Drawdown: Maximum 1% drawdown claimed. Most EAs tend to have higher drawdowns between 10-30%+. A very low 1% drawdown across an extended period seems unlikely.
  • Equity Growth: Can purportedly work with a starting balance as low as $300 and scale up. However, most EAs need $1,000+ capital for stable growth.
  • Backtests: Specific backtesting metrics like number of trades, win rate, risk-reward ratios were not provided. So the historical performance cannot be independently verified.

While the advertised metrics seem impressive, it’s best to take them with a grain of salt without proof. As with any EA, real-world results tend to vary significantly from backtests.

Pros and Cons

Here are some of the main advantages and disadvantages of using the Forex Mega LLC EA V7.06:


  • Fully automated trading saves time
  • Scans multiple currency pairs and timeframes
  • Advanced algorithms and technical analysis
  • Does not use risky martingale strategy
  • Promises high returns (although unverified)


  • Lack of verified historical trading statistics
  • Unrealistic metrics advertised
  • Black box system, logic not disclosed
  • Requires monthly subscription fee
  • No guarantee of returns

As with most EAs, the lack of transparency around its trading logic and absence of real user results makes it hard to evaluate its viability. The promised returns also seem exaggerated and unrealistic. Proper demo testing is highly advisable before using the EA with real capital.

Forex Mega LLC EA Pricing and Support

The Forex Mega LLC EA V7.06 is sold via various online stores and forums for around $14-35. This seems to be for an unlimited license.

The vendor also offers a more expensive “Diamond” version with additional features like money management and risk filters for $199.

In terms of support, the vendor provides an email address on most sites selling the EA. But there does not appear to be live chat or extensive documentation available. This could make getting support troublesome.

Overall the pricing seems reasonable compared to other EAs if it can deliver on its promises. But the lack of support channels is concerning.

Forex Mega LLC EA Verdict

In summary, while the Forex Mega LLC EA V7.06 looks interesting on the surface with its advertised performance metrics, there are a number of red flags:

  • Lack of verified statistics on live trading results
  • Seemingly exaggerated return promises without proof
  • No details available on the creators or company behind it
  • Short operating history – launched in 2022/2023

The low price point around $14-35 seems reasonable to test it out. But users should approach this EA with realistic expectations and proper demo testing.

As with any EA, conducting proper due diligence is vital before using it with real money. Discretionary trading also remains an essential skill for long-term trading success.

So while algorithms can automate parts of trading, relying solely on black box systems without transparency or human oversight carries risks. Use the Forex Mega LLC EA as an aid, not as a complete substitute for developing solid trading skills.

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