EA Magic Sand MT4 – A Powerful Grid Trading Expert Advisor

EA Magic Sand MT4 is an expert advisor (EA) for the MetaTrader 4 trading platform that utilizes a sophisticated grid trading strategy to execute automated trades. Developed by a team of professional traders with over 10 years of experience, this EA aims to help traders make consistent profits in the forex market.

EA Magic Sand

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How It Works

The core strategy behind EA Magic Sand MT4 is grid trading. This means that when the market moves against an open trade, the EA will open additional trades in the same direction at preset intervals. As the market fluctuates, some of these trades become profitable while others remain negative. The goal is that the accumulated profits from the winning trades will eventually offset the losses from the negative ones as the market swings back.

To implement this grid strategy effectively, EA Magic Sand uses a combination of technical analysis, trend filters, and news filters. It can monitor multiple currency pairs simultaneously and will only execute trades that align with the overall market trend. The EA also avoids placing trades during major news events that tend to cause volatile price swings.

Some key features of the grid trading system used by EA Magic Sand MT4 include:

  • Three entry points – The EA will open up to three trades in the same direction at different price levels as the market moves. This allows greater flexibility to catch swings.
  • Reverse trade capabilities – The EA has the option to place trades in the opposite direction of the grid trade entries. This adds another layer of profit potential.
  • Adaptive trading – The EA dynamically adjusts the spacing between grid trades and position sizes based on real-time market conditions. This optimization helps maximize profits.
  • Risk management – Multiple built-in features like equity stops, maximum drawdown limits, trailing stops, and daily profit targets all contribute to risk control.

Supported Brokers & Pairs

EA Magic Sand MT4 works with all ECN/STP brokers that allow expert advisor trading on the MetaTrader 4 platform. Recommended brokers include FXOpen, IC Markets, and Exness.

The EA supports trading multiple currency pairs simultaneously. The best pairs to use are EURUSD, GBPUSD, NZDUSD, AUDUSD, AUDJPY, USDCHF, and XAUUSD (gold). It can also trade indices like boom and crash 500/1000.

For cent accounts, optimal capital is around $500 per pair traded, while standard accounts need at least $1000. The EA performs best on the M15 and H1 timeframes.

Benefits for Traders

EA Magic Sand MT4 aims to make forex trading simpler and more profitable through automation. Some of the major benefits it offers traders include:

  • Hands-free trading – The EA handles market analysis, signal generation, trade execution, risk management automatically.
  • Flexibility – Traders can customize settings like trade direction, reverse trades, grid spacing, and more to match their preferences.
  • Efficiency – By trading multiple currency pairs at once around the clock, the EA can potentially find more trading opportunities.
  • Consistent performance – Strategies like grid trading combined with trend filters provide reliable long-term results.
  • Risk control – Built-in features for managing risk help prevent account blow-ups.

Performance Statistics & Reviews

In over 2 years of live trading, EA Magic Sand MT4 has earned positive reviews from users. Statistics from live accounts show an average ~75% win rate with a profit factor of 1.20. The biggest drawdown observed is 42%. These results demonstrate the EA’s ability to produce consistent profits over time.

Independent testing also confirms the profitability of Magic Sand MT4. After extensive tests under simulated live market conditions, The Forex Geek concludes that the EA has “a low drawdown and a high win rate. This means that it is profitable in the long run.”

User reviews praise the EA’s reliable performance, intuitive interface, helpful support team, and overall ease of use. One mql5 user who tested it for a few days says, “I’ve only been running this EA for a few days and very impressed with its performance. A bit aggressive but adaptive to the market, hence a lot of profit.”

EA Magic Sand Pricing & Availability

EA Magic Sand MT4 is sold exclusively through the mql5.com marketplace under the seller ID renithakur. It is priced at $49. Discounts are sometimes offered during promotions.

The EA license allows use on one live trading account per copy purchased. It comes preloaded with a detailed user guide that covers installation, optimization, and usage instructions. Purchasers also get access to the seller’s Telegram support channel for any configuration or troubleshooting needs.

EA Magic Sand Conclusion

For traders looking to take advantage of automated trading systems on MT4, EA Magic Sand is a top contender combining proven grid trading methods with effective risk management. While the $49 price tag may seem steep compared to free EAs, it carries the advantage of ongoing maintenance, support, and updates from the established vendor renithakur. For hands-free trading that can potentially grow accounts consistently, EA Magic Sand MT4 is worth considering.

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