AR FOREX EA – A Comprehensive Review

The AR FOREX EA is an expert advisor designed for automated trading on the MetaTrader 4 platform. This review provides an in-depth analysis of the key features, performance statistics, pros and cons to determine if AR FOREX EA is a reliable and profitable trading solution.


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AR FOREX EA utilizes a unique scalping strategy and algorithm to identify trading opportunities across 28 currency pairs. As per the vendor, it implements an innovative Adaptive Ratio system that continuously monitors price action without relying on traditional indicators.

The EA aims to generate consistent profits in forex trading by opening multiple small profitable trades. It is fully automated to execute the entire trade management process without manual intervention.

Some key capabilities mentioned are:

  • Fully automated trading, analysis and execution
  • Adaptive algorithm monitors markets continuously
  • Risk and money management features
  • Suitable for both volatile and ranging markets
  • Regular updates and optimizations

Working Mechanism

The AR FOREX EA algorithm analyzes the price charts to identify potential breakouts and trading ranges. When opportunities arise, it instantly executes the trades automatically by placing market or pending orders.

The EA seems to implement flexible position sizing based on account balance. It utilizes in-built risk controls to place logical stop loss and take profit levels for managing risk.

Once in trades, AR FOREX EA monitors price action to trail stops or close positions when targets are achieved. If configured, it can also use partial closing of trades to book profits gradually.

The entire process runs unattended without needing manual inputs.

Performance Metrics

Backtest Results

The vendor website shows AR FOREX EA backtest reports across different currency pairs like EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY.

Some key metrics are:

  • Total net profit over $35,000
  • Win rate of 60% to 80%
  • Maximum drawdown of 20%
  • Low risk to reward ratios

These results indicate decent performance in backtests. However, simulated historical testing has limitations in replicating real market conditions.

Live Performance

Live trading results are shown through myfxbook verification dating back 1+ years. Metrics from various accounts are:

  • Accounts gained 120% to 850% returns
  • Consistent yearly profitability demonstrated
  • Maximum drawdowns contained at 5% to 15%
  • Low risk per trade of just 1% to 3%

The live stats indicate AR FOREX EA has shown reliability in generating regular profits across investor accounts under real market environments.


Trading Logic

  • Adaptive Ratio algorithm for dynamic market analysis
  • Proprietary logic for identifying breakout patterns
  • Leverages short-term price momentum/swings
  • Executes high probability setups instantly

Risk Management

  • Pre-defined stop loss and take profit levels
  • Option for trailing stops to lock profits
  • Flexible position sizing aligned to equity
  • In-built protections against excessive losses

Trade Management

  • Fully automated order execution
  • Capability to close trades partially
  • Option to limit maximum daily trades
  • Closes all positions on Friday ahead of weekend

Other Features

  • Suitable for ECN accounts with $500+ capital
  • Regular EA updates, optimizations and improvements
  • Dedicated customer support desk

These well-rounded features indicate AR FOREX EA incorporates necessary logic, risk controls and automation to deliver a reliable trading performance.


Analyzing the vendor information and customer feedback, some notable pros of using AR FOREX EA are:

  • Proven profitability – Live trading results indicate consistent profits across 1+ years
  • Fully automated – Does not require manual intervention in analysis or trade execution
  • Adaptive algorithm – Capability to dynamically adjust to evolving markets
  • Regular updates – Upgrades and optimizations done periodically


Some downsides that need to be considered are:

  • No independent verification – Myfxbook results are not officially verified by third-party auditors
  • Short operating history – Relative to the forex market, 1+ year is a short track record
  • Sensitive to settings – Improper configuration can negatively impact performance

So optimal settings, account conditions and money management are essential to harness the EA’s capability.

AR FOREX EA Pricing and Support

AR FOREX EA is available for a one-time fee of $14 on ForexEAstore. This is a huge discount from the earlier listed price of $1200 noted on the vendor site.

The package includes – 1 EA license, user guide, and free updates. It also provides a 60-day return policy allowing sufficient time to evaluate the software.

Customer support is offered via email and Telegram channels. The team seems responsive in resolving issues faced during usage.

AR FOREX EA Final Verdict

In summary, AR FOREX EA appears to be a professionally designed software with some innovative features and logic to generate consistent profits in forex trading.

The positive aspects are automation, dynamic algorithm, regular updates, and mainly – over 1+ years proof of actual profits across investor accounts.

However, the lack of verified audits introduces a certain degree of uncertainty when assessing real performance potential.

Traders considering AR FOREX EA should approach with a calculated risk, taking advantage of the 60-day refund policy for extensive testing. Usage along with robust risk controls can pave the path for leveraging the EA capabilities profitably.

So for traders seeking an automated trading solution, AR FOREX EA seems worth evaluating further based on individual trading requirements.

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