Hamster Scalping Ea Review

Hamster scalping is an automated trading strategy that uses algorithms to identify and exploit short-term price movements in financial markets.

This type of algorithmic trading has grown increasingly popular over the past decade due to its ability to generate profits faster than manual trading methods.

Hamster Scalping

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This article provides a comprehensive overview of hamster scalping, its advantages and disadvantages, and practical guidance for those who wish to explore this form of automated trading.

What Is Hamster Scalping Ea?

Hamster Scalping EA is an automated expert advisor designed to provide investors with a scalping strategy in the Forex market. It is based on sophisticated algorithms that analyze and monitor price movements, allowing traders to identify profitable entry and exit points. The Expert Advisor was created by an experienced team of developers who have been working closely with brokers for years, providing high-quality solutions for trading.

The Hamster Scalping EA has several features which make it stand out from other automated Expert advisors. Firstly, it offers users access to multiple eurusd currency pairs across different markets, giving them more options when making trade decisions. Secondly, its algorithms can detect trends quickly, enabling accurate predictions of future prices. Finally, the system provides demo accounts to test their strategies before investing real money into the markets.

When using Hamster Scalping EA, traders must consider risk factors and technical parameters, such as leverage levels and stop losses while placing orders in the foreign exchange market. Additionally, they must keep track of their profits or losses within each trade cycle to adjust their approach if needed. This helps them ensure consistent performance over time without incurring significant losses due to unexpected market changes or volatility spikes.

All these elements combined make this expert advisor an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable tool for trading in the Forex markets. Its user-friendly design allows even inexperienced traders to understand how it works and take advantage of its benefits immediately. By following safety protocols and keeping up with analytics data analysis, one can easily optimize trading activities using this powerful software solution.

How Does Hamster Scalping Ea Work?

The concept of hamster scalping has sparked a great deal of interest among traders. The Metatrader 4 Expert Advisor (EA) enables users to take advantage of automated trading strategies and set take profit and stop loss orders quickly and easily. This makes it ideal for those looking for a reliable scalper or an automatic trading system.

Furthermore, its martingale feature allows users to adjust their risk level as needed. Hamster Scalping EA gives traders maximum control over their trades by offering various settings such as lot size, entry price shift and order close mode. It also offers comprehensive backtesting capabilities so users can test different parameter values to optimize their strategies before going live.

In addition, this software allows traders to use custom indicators in conjunction with other signals provided by the platform. This program also provides several tools that help manage money management effectively. For example, traders can access advanced chart analysis features to identify potential opportunities more accurately than ever. Additionally, the built-in risk calculator helps determine optimal position sizes based on account balance and desired return rates.

Overall, Hamster Scalping EA provides all the features necessary for successful Forex trading at an affordable cost compared to similar solutions. Its robust architecture ensures reliability, while the flexible settings make it suitable for experienced and beginner traders. With these advantages combined, it is no wonder why many people have given favourable reviews about this popular forex robot tool.

Advantages Of Hamster Scalping Ea

  1. Hamster Scalping EA has a low drawdown, allowing for a high success rate.
  2. Hamster Scalping EA has a high success rate as a forex trading system, making it an attractive option for traders.
  3. Setting up the system is relatively easy and can be done without extensive technical knowledge.
  4. Hamster Scalping EA is designed to keep losses to a minimum, making it an attractive option for those seeking to mitigate risk.
  5. The system can automatically enter and exit trades, thus eliminating the need for manual intervention.
  6. Using technical analysis and market knowledge, Hamster Scalping EA can generate consistent profits and offers traders a reliable trading system.

Low Drawdown

Drawdown is an essential factor to consider when choosing a Forex trading strategy. A low drawdown means the EA will experience fewer losses while still providing the same Profit over time, making it more attractive to traders and investors.

For example, hamster scalping EA offers a low drawdown with fast VPS connection speeds and minimum deposit requirements, making it ideal for those looking to get into automated trading without risking too much money.

Furthermore, users can backtest their strategies on a demo account before investing real money and use effective money management techniques to reduce their overall risks and increase profits.

Finally, by using an EA Black Box system such as Hamster Scalping EA, one can ensure that they have access to all of the necessary tools needed for successful currency trading.

High Success Rate

Hamster Scalping EA offers a high success rate for users. This is due to incorporating multiple features such as the Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicator, EUR/USD currency pair and timeframes between 1 minute and 4 hours.

In addition, with open positions that can be monitored 24 hours a day on MQL5, traders have more control over their trades than manual trading. Furthermore, Hamster Scalping EA was developed by Forex expert Ramil Minniakhmetov which has further increased its reliability in achieving successful results.

With all these tools, this automated trading system makes it possible for experienced traders or beginners alike to achieve consistent profits from their investments with minimal risk exposure.

Easy To Setup

Setting up the Hamster Scalping EA is straightforward and can be done quickly.

The robot forex requires a Metatrader 4 (MT4) account as it works through MT4’s Expert Advisor feature.

This allows users to access their accounts from any device with an internet connection, reducing trading latency issues.

It also features scalping, a fully automated strategy for short-term trades that relies on quick reactions and high turnaround times.

As such, users do not need to monitor their positions 24/7 to get successful results manually.

Overall, this makes the setup process much more accessible than other ea features in the market, making it one of the best EAs available today.

Hamster Scalping reviews

Disadvantages Of Hamster Scalping Ea

Hamster Scalping EA is a form of automated trading with high risk due to its reliance on volatile markets and often unpredictable results.

The reward for using such a system is often limited, with the potential for significant losses being much higher than the potential for profits.

The unpredictability of the market is another main disadvantage of Hamster Scalping EA, as it is difficult to accurately predict how the market will react to various events or trends.

As a result, there is no guarantee of success when using Hamster Scalping EA, and users need to be aware that they could lose money in the process.

Additionally, there is no guarantee of liquidity when using Hamster Scalping EA, meaning that users could be left with positions that cannot be sold.

Finally, the cost of running Hamster Scalping EA can be pretty high due to the need for a powerful computer and a fast internet connection.

High Risk

Actual trading involves a certain degree of risk regarding hamster scalping EA or forex robots. Using an automated system carries potential losses due to market volatility and other factors. As such, one disadvantage inherent in using this kind of robot is its high-risk nature.

To reduce exposure to risk associated with hamster scalping EA, traders may opt for Metatrader 4’s Expert Advisor feature that allows users to set parameters like lot size and leverage before activating the software. Using a martingale money management strategy can help control the money at stake.

Likewise, another way to minimize the chances of Loss is by testing the robot on a demo account while monitoring results closely before committing actual capital. In addition, traders should consider implementing strict stop-loss rules as part of their overall trading plan to limit any potential downside.

All these measures can help mitigate some risks in employing a hamster scalping EA for Forex trading.

Low Reward

Another potential downside of using hamster scalping EA in Forex trading is its low reward compared to the risk.

Finding a fully automated Expert advisor with a high risk-to-reward ratio can be challenging, making this type of robot unsuitable for traders looking for consistent profits over time.

To make matters worse, many free versions available on the MQL5 marketplace lack features like an ATR-based filter and Myfxbook integration that could help maximize returns when using a martingale money management strategy.

As such, users should carefully evaluate any fully automatic trading advisor before committing any actual capital into their account.

While there may be some advantages to using a Hamster Scalping EA, traders must weigh all pros and cons before deciding whether or not it fits with their overall goals and objectives.

Unpredictable Results

One main disadvantage of using a hamster scalping EA in Forex trading is its unpredictable results.

Despite being an automated expert advisor, this type of robot cannot guarantee consistent profits over time because it lacks features such as ATR-based filters and MyFxBook integration that could help maximize returns when using a martingale money management strategy.

Traders must know that their investments may not always pay off due to the currency pair’s volatility or EA Black Star’s MT5 version performance issues.

Moreover, trades may go against them more frequently than expected, making it difficult for traders to accurately predict future market movements and optimize their risk profiles accordingly.

Therefore, users should carefully evaluate any fully automatic trading advisor before committing capital to their accounts.

What Is The Risk Involved With Hamster Scalping Ea?

Hamster Scalping EA is a Forex expert advisor that utilizes an RSI indicator and an ATR-based filter to execute automated trades. This automatic trading advisor employs two distinct modes for scalping, allowing users to take advantage of the range of second indicator values. It also incorporates a martingale system for increased profits.

Using this forex trading method requires knowing its risks before engaging with it. The main risk involved in Hamster Scalping EA is that its automated nature makes it difficult to predict where prices will go in the short term, potentially impacting any pip value accrued through these transactions.

As such, traders should consider using a demo account when learning to use this particular EA, as losses may be incurred during initial trial runs. To reduce their exposure to risk while relying on Hamster Scalping EA, investors can employ various strategies alongside this software, such as setting maximum acceptable drawdown levels or employing position sizing techniques like Kelly Criterion or fixed fractional money management systems.

Additionally, they could look at other indicators such as Bollinger Bands or Moving Averages and combine them with price action analysis techniques such as chart patterns recognition or trendlines breakouts confirmation signals as part of their overall strategy when utilizing this type of automated trading advisor. By understanding the associated risks and taking measures accordingly, individuals can maximize profitability while limiting their downside when using Hamster Scalping EA in their trading endeavours.

What Are The Best Markets To Use Hamster Scalping Ea On?

Hamster Scalping EA is a popular forex trading tool that can help investors make small profits in the forex market. It relies on quickly entering and exiting trades, making small but consistent gains over time. This system suits all types of traders, from beginners to seasoned professionals.

The best markets for this software are those with high liquidity, such as the major currency pairs like EUR/USD or GBP/JPY. These offer good opportunities for scalpers who seek quick profits without too much risk.

Additionally, many forex brokers provide access to exotic currencies that may be more volatile yet potentially profitable when using automated systems such as Hamster Scalping EA.

Traders should also keep an eye out for economic news events and geopolitical developments that could move the markets significantly and create short-term price swings – these are ideal conditions for scalping strategies since they provide ample opportunities for quick entry and exit points at advantageous prices.

Finally, it’s important to remember that no matter what currency pair you choose to trade with Hamster Scalping EA, discipline and patience will always be fundamental traits that successful traders require to maximize their returns while minimizing losses.

Performance And Trading Results Of Hamster Scalping

Hamster Scalping Expert Advisor is an automatic trading advisor using two modes for scalping on the M1 timeframe. It uses an RSI indicator and an ATR-based filter to identify market entry points. The EA executes orders with a spread of 2-5 points, taking into account the lower borders of the range and upper borders of the range.

The main features of Hamster Scalping include the following:

  • Two modes for different types of entries – based on trend or flat signals;
  • Automatic detection of a current currency pair’s volatility;
  • Trailing stop loss and take profit levels are adjustable;
  • Ability to use pending orders when entering trades.

It is important to note that this expert advisor does not use martingale strategies or any other risk management system. This means that it works best in low volatile conditions where there is little risk associated with each trade position taken by the robot.

Additionally, it has been designed to operate within specific parameters, ensuring that only successful setups are detected and entered into.

Overall, Hamster Scalping provides traders with an effective way to automate their manual trading strategies while ensuring they have access to all necessary information for making informed decisions regarding their positions.

Furthermore, its user-friendly interface makes it easy to set up and customize according to individual preferences.

Hamster Scalping report

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Scam Or Legit Hamster Scalping

Hamster Scalping EA has been evaluated in terms of its performance and trading results. Determining if this particular automated trading system is legitimate or a scam is important.

To answer this question, it is necessary to look at the excellent execution, input parameters and general recommendations associated with Hamster Scalping EA.

The first factor to consider when evaluating the legitimacy of Hamster Scalping EA is its ability to execute trades accurately and promptly. This should be tested by running backtests using historical data for prolonged periods to form an accurate assessment.

The next consideration for determining the authenticity of Hamster Scalping EA is the input parameters like lot size, risk per trade and stop loss values that must be set up correctly before starting any automated trading session. Additionally, general recommendations indicate setting 2-5 web requests for listed URLs, which can help reduce slippage during live orders resulting in better overall performance.

Investigating whether potential risks have been considered when creating such a software program and if protections are built against large drawdowns due to market volatility or other external factors impacting prices is essential. Some users may find the Martingale feature appealing. Still, it could lead them to dangerous losses if not used responsibly, given their aggressive nature compared to traditional money management strategies.

Based on all available evidence, it seems reasonable to conclude that Hamster Scalping EA offers some advantages for traders who want an automated Forex currency pair system. However, certain precautions must be followed when utilizing such tools within portfolios. Careful monitoring combined with appropriate settings will ensure optimal outcomes which reflect positively upon user experience while avoiding unnecessary financial damage through poor decisions or bad luck scenarios often encountered in these markets.

Hamster Scalping Ea Back Testing

It is no secret that the Forex market provides ample opportunities to profit. In particular, scalping strategies can be highly lucrative when employed correctly. This has caused an increase in demand for automated trading advisors (EA) capable of executing trades quickly and accurately according to their logic.

Hamster Scalping EA is one such program that promises to deliver this level of performance to its users. The experts at hamster scalping have created a fully automated EA with features specifically designed for scalping and martingale lovers alike. The primary mechanism used by the software is an RSI indicator combined with an ATR-based filter, enabling it to identify good entry points into the market. Additionally, it offers two distinct modes of operation: manual or set & forget, allowing traders greater control over their strategies.

The spreading threshold must always remain within 2-5 points while using Hamster Scalping EA to ensure safety. Furthermore, it also considers news so as not to open positions during high volatility periods – something many other EAs fail to do correctly with disastrous consequences.

Backtesting allows traders to simulate different scenarios and develop confidence in the results before committing real money to live accounts. Hamster Scalping EA stands out above other products because of its comprehensive feature set and reliable performance – making it suitable for novice and experienced traders who wish to gain more consistent returns from their investments without constantly monitoring the markets themselves.

What Are The Different Parameters Used In Hamster Scalping Ea?

The lot size is an essential parameter in Hamster Scalping EA, as it dictates the amount of money invested in each trade.

Stop Loss and Take Profit are two parameters that define the limit of losses and gains.

Leverage, Trailing Stop and Risk Management are also integral parameters to ensure the stability of the EA.

Slippage Control, Profit Target, Market Impact, Volatility, Time Frame, Trend Filter, Entry Signal, Exit Signal and Money Management are other important parameters to consider when using Hamster Scalping EA.

Lot Size

Regarding hamster scalping EA, lot size is a critical parameter.

Lot size helps define the risk profile of an account and allows traders to more accurately manage their positions when trading with this type of automated strategy.

The EA settings must be adjusted so that they are in line with the RSI indicator and an ATR-based filter, allowing for efficient execution while taking into consideration the spread associated with each trade.

Values should also typically be specified in points rather than cash values. This will ensure that the system automatically recalculates everything when there are changes in market conditions or liquidity levels.

When using a broker for this automated trading strategy, use one with free updates for their products and services.

With careful attention given to these parameters, traders can take advantage of all the benefits offered by a hamster scalping EA without exposing themselves to unnecessary risks.

Stop Loss

Stop Loss is a critical factor in Hamster Scalping EA. It helps traders avoid losses if the market moves against their position.

A stop loss order is an instruction given to the broker or trading platform, specifying at which price point to exit a trade if it goes beyond that point. Depending on the trader’s risk preference and strategy, this can be set as a fixed amount of pips or points or dynamically adjusted using Ramil Night scalping strategy with RSI indicator and ATR-based filter.

This allows for more accurate management of positions according to current conditions in Best Forex Expert Advisor environments like Martingale. Good brokers will also provide free updates for their products and services so that traders can adjust settings accordingly in case of any sudden changes in liquidity levels or other market factors.

What Are The Different Strategies Used In Hamster Scalping Ea?

Hamster Scalping EA is a type of Forex Trading Expert Advisor (EA) specializing in scalping. It uses the Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicator and an Average True Range-based filter to detect potential entry points for trades. The RSI indicator helps traders identify overbought and oversold conditions, while the ATR-based filter provides more accurate price movements across different time frames.

The Hamster Scalping EA utilizes two distinct modes for scalping: Martingale and Two Expert Advisors. In Martingale mode, the EA will enter a trade after identifying an optimal entry point and then progressively increase its lot size until it reaches maximum profitability or stops out due to risk management rules.

This strategy requires careful monitoring since there is no guarantee that consecutive wins will eventually result in profits. On the other hand, the Two Expert Advisors mode involves setting up the EAs on separate charts with different settings so they can work together to maximize profits from one pair or multiple pairs at once.

Traders who use Hamster Scalping EA have reported success when using both strategies. With Martingale, it is essential to be aware of any market changes quickly and respond quickly to minimize losses. When using the two Expert Advisors modes, traders should also pay close attention to their settings, such as stop loss levels, take profit levels, trailing stop parameters etc., to maximize gains without risking too much capital at any given time.

Overall, Hamster Scalping EA offers forex traders a unique way of taking advantage of short-term price fluctuations within markets by utilizing two specialized modes for scalping – Martingale and Two Expert Advisors, which allows them to control risk while potentially achieving greater returns than traditional long-term investments.

Hamster Scalping Ea Performace

Backtesting is a primary method for gauging the performance of a Hamster Scalping EA. It allows the simulation of trading strategies in different market conditions to evaluate their effectiveness.

Live Trading provides a more realistic measure of the EA’s performance, allowing for the collection of real-time data on its profitability.

Comparing Backtesting and Live Trading results can provide a more comprehensive evaluation of the EA’s performance.


Backtesting is one of the essential elements to evaluate an Expert Advisor’s (EA) performance, specifically when it comes to Hamster Scalping EA. This type of analysis involves testing the effectiveness of a strategy by running it through historical market data with predetermined parameters and conditions to determine how profitable it would have been under those specific circumstances.

To accurately assess the capability of this EA, both the RSI indicator and ATR-based filter should be utilized as they are two fundamental components for scalping strategies. Additionally, due to its martingale feature, Hamster Scalping can take advantage of different market conditions regardless ifofullish or bearish; however, care must be taken since these strategies can become highly costly.

Therefore, applying fixed parameters such as lot size and entry/exit points could make them more efficient while keeping their costs at the lowest possible level. In conclusion, backtesting is essential to evaluate EA performance, like that of Hamster Scalping. Incorporating RSI indicators, ATR-based filters, and cheapest cost parameters could bring excellent results when executing trades over any market situation.

Live Trading

Live trading with Hamster Scalping EA is a fully automated Expert advisor that uses two different modes for scalping and martingale strategies.

It incorporates an RSI indicator and an ATR-based filter to identify entry/exit points, making it one of the cheapest ways to execute trades depending on market conditions.

This strategy has been proven to be highly profitable when appropriately used, taking advantage of bullish and bearish trends to maximize profit margins while minimizing losses.

Additionally, its Martingale feature allows traders to increase their lot size if they take a loss to recoup those losses over time as long as specific parameters are followed accordingly.

Thus, live trading using this Expert Advisor can potentially bring excellent results provided that backtesting analysis was previously conducted accurately and all indicators were correctly calibrated according to predetermined conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Cost Of Hamster Scalping Ea?

The cost of scalping ea systems is highly debated in algorithmic trading. Depending on such systems’ type, complexity and performance, costs can range from free to thousands of dollars.

When it comes to hamster scalping ea specifically, the cost varies depending on the features offered by each vendor or provider. Generally speaking, most providers offer subscription-based pricing models that start at around $50 per month for basic packages up to hundreds or even thousands for premium packages with more sophisticated features.

Does Hamster Scalping Ea Require A Minimum Deposit?

The use of Expert Advisors (EA) as a tool in automated trading has grown significantly in recent years. One such EA, Hamster Scalping, is designed to take advantage of short-term market movements and fast profits.

When it comes to the question of whether or not this EA requires a minimum deposit, the answer depends on the broker who provides the service. Generally speaking, some brokers may require a minimum deposit to access their services and use an EA like Hamster Scalping. In contrast, others might offer more flexibility with no set minimum requirement.

Does Hamster Scalping Ea Have A Demo Account?

A demo account is a feature offered by specific automated trading systems to allow potential users to experience the system without risking their funds.

Hamster Scalping EA offers prospective users a demo account to simulate real-time forex and CFD trading before committing any money.

The platform’s simulated environment allows traders to test strategies in different market conditions and familiarize themselves with its features and user interface.

This helps ensure that investors are comfortable using the software before investing capital.

Is There Customer Support For Hamster Scalping Ea?

Customer support is an essential factor when considering any automated trading program.

A demo account allows the user to test the software and become familiar with its features. Still, customer support also plays a critical role in providing assistance, troubleshooting or resolving any issues that may arise during product use.

Therefore it is necessary to investigate if there are options for customer support available for this type of automated trading system.

Is There A Money Back Guarantee For Hamster Scalping Ea?

Hamster Scalping results

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When purchasing a product or service, customers may be interested in whether or not there is a money-back guarantee. It is essential to consider the terms and conditions of any such offer before making a purchase decision to ensure that it meets individual needs and expectations.

Regarding hamster scalping ea, many vendors have policies that provide refunds if the customer is unsatisfied with their purchase within a certain period. However, these policies vary between vendors, so checking the available options before purchasing is essential.



Hamster Scalping EA is an automated trading system designed to maximize profit potential. It requires a minimum deposit and comes with a demo account, making it accessible for novice and experienced traders.

Additionally, the program provides customer support and offers a money-back guarantee if desired results are not achieved. Therefore, those looking to take advantage of the market’s volatility can do so safely and conveniently with Hamster Scalping EA.

With its ease of use and promise of success, this product may be worth considering for many investors searching for reliable trading software.

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