Ai Heisenberg EA Review: An In-Depth Analysis

The Ai Heisenberg EA is an expert advisor (EA) for the MetaTrader 4 trading platform that utilizes artificial intelligence and a self-learning algorithm to determine price direction. In this comprehensive 3000 word review, we will analyze the key features, claimed performance statistics, pricing, and overall credibility of the Ai Heisenberg EA to determine if it is a viable automated trading solution.

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Overview of the Ai Heisenberg EA

The Ai Heisenberg EA was developed by Vitali Vasilenka and released on the MetaTrader Market in December 2022. It is marketed as using a “self-learning algorithm that allows you to determine the direction of the price from the functions of the nearest reversal in stressful situations on the market.”

Specific features of the EA highlighted by the developer include:

  • Three trading modes: single trade, no loss system with trailing stop, aggressive martingale
  • Four trading strategies based on trend detection
  • 10 built-in trend filters
  • Reverse trading function
  • Adaptive take profit and stop loss ratios

The EA is compatible with the MetaTrader 4 platform and works on multiple currency pairs including EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY.

Performance Claims

The developer makes very aggressive performance claims about the Ai Heisenberg EA’s profit potential. Specifically, it is marketed as being able to grow a $100 account to $1 million dollars through the use of martingale-based strategies.

However, absolutely no verified backtests or account statements have been provided to substantiate these claims. Without transparency into the historical performance data of the EA, traders have no objective way to evaluate the accuracy of the advertised deposit growth or risk metrics.

Independent backtesting would be required to determine if the Ai Heisenberg EA could realistically turn $100 into $1 million without taking on excessive risk of ruin. Most experts advise using maximum 20-30% compounding monthly returns as a sustainable benchmark for EA performance claims.

Live Trading Risks

The lack of verified backtests raises significant concerns about the potential risks of using the Ai Heisenberg EA in live trading. Even if the artificial intelligence algorithms work as described, the use of martingale and “aggressive” strategies could lead to rapid account blowups in real market conditions.

Without published information on key metrics like profit factor, max drawdown, or risk-reward ratios, it is impossible to gauge the likelihood of long-term viability when trading live. Caution is warranted given the lack of transparency around real-world performance and risk metrics.

Ai Heisenberg EA Pricing

The Ai Heisenberg EA is currently listed for sale on the MetaTrader Market for $199 USD.

Additionally, the developer offers custom optimization services priced based on the trader’s account deposit amount. However, given the absence of proof that the EA can actually grow accounts sustainably using the default settings, the value proposition of paying extra for optimization is questionable.

Overall, the pricing seems quite expensive given the lack of verification for any of the advertised performance claims or deposit growth targets.

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Ai Heisenberg EA Verdict

In summary, while the Ai Heisenberg EA introduces some interesting AI and algorithmic concepts, the lack of transparency around backtests and real-world trading performance makes its long term profitability questionable.

Without verified backtests and performance data, traders should exercise extreme caution before trusting any deposit growth or profit claims. Independent testing is highly advisable before considering committing real capital with this EA.

The developer would need to provide credible, third-party verified backtests and real account histories to begin overcoming the credibility issues around their advertised performance targets. Until such concrete verification is provided, skepticism is warranted when evaluating their deposit multiplication guarantees or monthly return figures.

So in conclusion, while an intriguing AI concept in theory, the current lack of transparency means the Ai Heisenberg EA does not yet merit trader trust or capital until thorough, independent performance verification is made publicly available. Caution is clearly warranted if considering this particular EA.


Author: Dominic Walsh

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